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  1. I have to say, that I am astonished at not having any way to Import PagePlus files. I got an invite by email to download the Beta as I am a Serif Customer, the main product I use is PagePlus. I have been using it for years, first with a company I worked for, then bought it myself. I have loads of files that I update regularly. I understand new software, designed from scratch, not on the old platform, but I don't understand that there is no way to import PagePlus files. Surely there must be a way for you to do this for your existing customers, whether a stand alone app, a plug in or integrated into Affinity, I really think this is an essential. I use OpenOffice, if someone sends my a Microsoft Word file, I can open it with Open Office. Though it is completely different software, not built on the same code base, Open Office realise that they need to open MS Word files, as their users will need this facility. It doesn't always work perfectly because of the differences in the software features, but it does import them. I find it really hard to understand that Serif don't realise how important it is for customers to import files from their own old software. I don't expect PP to be able to open Affinity files, but I really did expect the new software to open the old files. The first thing I did when I opened the beta programme was to try and open an existing PagePlus file, well that didn't go well, then I looked on the forum to find out how to do it and found this thread. :( In business it is a know fact that it is easier and cheaper to sell to existing customers that to acquire new customers. I guess a percentage of your existing customers will look elsewhere now. If they have to start from scratch anyway, they will look for a company that will support them and all their work long term. Where you could have made easy and cheap sales to existing customers, you will loose a bunch of those and have to market to new customers instead. Me? I will continue to use PagePlus and when I need to update in the future, I will look at what is available. Maybe I will turn to Affinity, maybe not. But, where this was an opportunity for an easy sale to an existing customer, it has backfired I think.

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