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  1. am2008

    Data merge

    Another one for data merge. Without it I'll just be sticking to using pageplus.
  2. In the past 15 years my organisation has built up a huge archive of Pageplus templates, both centrally and across 100's of branches and 300+ individual users. We would be very reluctant to either abandon these or devote the resources to reproduce them in Publisher, as we were forced to when we made the painful transition from Adobe Pagemaker to PagePlus. Most likely we will struggle along with PagePlus for the next few years, before eventually examining all the available alternatives. It's a shame, because we've been generally impressed with what we've seen in the beta. If Publisher was able to import PagePlus files we would probably be looking to buy several hundred copies over the next year. (And before anyone says it, yes I know Publisher does an OK job of importing pdfs - as does PagePlus - but that's not a convenient way to work when your cribbing bits of artwork off several previous jobs, especially for our less experienced infrequent users.) As others have said, you're chasing a large group of Indesign users who could be persuaded to switch, but seem to be telling loyal Pageplus users that we're not worth the effort of supporting.
  3. am2008

    Data merge

    Another pageplus user here that regularly uses the mailmerge feature. It's a must have for me, and many others in my organisation (which has about 300 ppX8/X9 users)