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  1. Kai Rübsamen

    Show element frames

    That’s the point. Assume you have 20 frames and they are all named (Rectangle) it would not be possible to select the right one. So renaming everything would be helpful, but also time consuming. What is the purpose of creating frames and giving them no fill or stroke? Well, I didn’t say, that I would give them later such attributes or maybe put a picture in them, but I do not want to be limited with the standard-formatting (e.g. a light grey for everything). In my opinion it should work as in InDesign: 1. Normal or layout mode: You see invisibles (white space characters), guides, bounding boxes of every frames 2. Preview Mode: You see your final result that would be printed, without invisibles, guides and bounding boxes As mac_heibu described, this is what we learned 10 or 15 years from other layout programs. Allthough it is good, not to clone everything from other programs, this is something that I expect as InDesign-Trainer with experience of 20 years how visibilty of elements should work in Publisher too. It seems no good habit to me, to identify something in the layers panel or rename 20 frames to identify later one ;-). In the end, people would not move from InDesign to Publisher or even start with Publisher as their first app, if there is a another new cool feature, but think of usability and handling. Just my 2 cent, but displaying frame edges, colorizing guides, moving guides to a layer and distinguish between horizontal or vertical guides, magnetical columns guides, these are things that are pretty done in InDesign and hopefully come to Publisher as well.
  2. Kai Rübsamen

    Show element frames

    This snapping works. How often do I use elements with no attributes: I never do use attributes at a first glance. Cause a visible bounding box is a basic element in InDesign since version 1.0, I’m wondering why such basic things are not possible (also why have guides no flexible colors or bleeds are simply grey). To select everything with cmd+A or hover over regions, where a element might be … really?
  3. Kai Rübsamen

    Show element frames

    Hm, InDesign shows such frames in the color of the layer. Assume there are many pages with several objects on the page, it is not suitable to identify such elements in the layers panel. How should we identify empty frames? How should we layout something, if we cannot see the frame edges? It seems no good habit to give everything a fill color and remove that later.
  4. Kai Rübsamen

    GREP find/replace

    Nice to see some well known names. Please implement GREP as it is in InDesign.

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