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  1. I believe the problem is, that PDF don't embed all properties of the font, only a part. They are not fully working fonts. There are also licensing problems with fonts usually not being allowed to be distributed in this way. I agree that opening PDF only without change (pass-thru) no possible is a hassle, but then again, other applications do not offer this option either. If a printer or other company requires editable files I would never send a PDF, but rather an indesign or illustrator file, which do not allow font embedding, so I have to send the fonts as well.
  2. I would like to see some changes to the PDF export in Publisher regarding bleed. I would like to be able to change the bleed setting in export in the "more" dialog. This way I can set bleed (and a specific bleed value?) for a specific export-preset. This can not be done now, and I still have to check or uncheck bleed regardless of the preset. Having the ability to change the bleed value in the export settings would be very useful, as printers have different requirements for these things.
  3. I really hope to see a vector eraser soon, it is an essential feature, along with scissors and knife, to edit paths. I know the devs have lots of thing to implement, but this one is quite essential. The pen and node tool are my favorite in all drawing apps, but I really miss these features, which are in less advanced apps like Graphic and Vectornator
  4. In indesign, whenever I want to delete a text style, I get a window, asking me with which style I want to replace the current one. I would like this simple dialog window in Apub too, as it is much easier than search/replace.
  5. Oh, I am sorry for the confusion, this described the behaviour in indesign (cs5.5)
  6. Yes, this is essential. Also I need an option to replace a paragraph style with another. Now, whenever I delete a style, the affected items return to a basic appearance. I want the option to specify a replacement for this style.
  7. Yes, I know about these options, but there is one missing: make the frame fit around the image, without it changing the size of the image and without cropping or blank frame. Double clicking with the arrow tool on the edge nodes will also make it warp around the image.
  8. I did it using the little arrow on the top right of the Text styles panel: detach and delete all styles save styles as default it does the trick for me.
  9. Please add the ability to make the frame fit the image, and the image fit to frame. What would work is double clicking the transformation handle. It is quite hard to make an image fit exactly. Or some kind of snapping option, that would make it easier.
  10. One thing that annoys me with text styles is, whenever I start a document I already have some text styles included in the document. However useful this might be in some cases, I never use them, preferring to start from scratch. It would be nice to have the option to start without predefined styles, either as a global option in preferences, or as a document option.
  11. That is good to know. This would mean a filename without suffix would still be the preferred option. By the way: there does not seem to be a "save copy" in APub? I use this option quite a bit in ID, I don't see why it is missing?
  12. I would like to add a field to my document that is the same as the filename. I use this option in indesign a lot, but in affinity publisher, the filename always includes the suffix, which is not useful. Can you add an option to turn this off? Thanks!
  13. Yes, this is one of the nicest features in indesign, I use it all the time for quick text changes. Will this be implemented?
  14. I just found this option in the ipad app and I love it, such a great and useful addition to the pencil tool! I hope it is added to the desktop very soon!
  15. This is indeed interesting, it just had not caught my eye, yet. The ability to save specific shapes is indeed pretty useful, even if I am not sure if this is the right place, and the right UI for it. It is hard to find, and the cog does not fit the frame/button. The dropdown at the top of the menu seems to do nothing. At least it seems not quite finished in this respect...
  16. Yes, and trying to create my own style works, but I can't access any settings? Seems like some half-baked feature to me?
  17. Well, for some setting certainly I use a lot of shortcuts as well, for instance for text resize and spacing. However panels, or parts of them, I don't use every time are not always easy to remember. I really like the approach in indesign where I can have many panels accessible with one click, and only one visible at the time. Perhaps splitting panels like character and paragraph up in a series of more specific panels might be easier to handle?
  18. In publisher there is a cog wheel button in the context toolbar when a picture frame is selected. When clicking this, I get a couple of options for corner settings, but these double the ones that are already there. Also the cog wheel does not fit the button well, so it looks like some UI bug, or something that needs to be removed?
  19. Yes, I am aware of this, and this is quite useful in itself. But my problem is there is not much visual hierarchy in the tabs, so it can be hard to find what I am looking for in these long list. See attached the screenshot where I have character & paragraph panels on top of each other: it becomes quite hard to find what I need, let alone, where the one panel begins or ends. This has to do with the low contrast as a whole (be it dark or light ui). So as it is now, i prefer to put character & paragraph tabbed together, and pick whatever on I need. I hope you can address the issue with the low contrast UI (which is a separate topic) as I think this is an area Affinity can still improve a lot.
  20. This is not so much an issue in Designer and Photo, as the panels there usually have less options and take up less space. But in Publisher, the character and paragraph panel take up almost a complete column, or I have to scroll very much, which is not great for me.
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