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  1. Hey guys! I was just curious to find out if this feature is something you are reviewing to plan out putting it into Publisher! I think the most logical software to implement it into is still Affinity Designer, but I can see Publisher being a realistic place to put it as well. Would love to found out how I could further this feature request to make it into at least one of our products. Still relying on Adobe's methods right now and they are very archaic and a real pain to deal with. Hoping to see something from you guys that will rock my world. #ArrayMergeForAffinity #MailMergeForAffinity
  2. @MikeW What would be the appropriate way to submit this as a feature request?
  3. Hi! I make Racing Bibs for competitions and I'm trying to move away from some of the archaic software that is used in these processes on to newer software options. Adobe Illustrator seems to be one of the only alternatives but their array merge feature is probably one of the most complicated and ineffective things I have ever used. For those who know what a mail merge is in MS Word where you can print 1 envelope, each with a different name and address on it for each and every envelope, this feature is necessary in a lot of B2C relations. There have been many instances where I would like to have a very creative beautiful document with spot colors, etc have a mail merge feature but I have yet to find a program that has this feature similar to the way the MS Word does. I am fairly new to Affinity's suite of products and I am trying to do my best to look for this feature and find it on my own but I haven't seen it in Affinity Designer (where it would most likely be) and I am toying with Affinity Publisher (another product that may include features like this) but haven't seen it there either. Is this a feature that is built in to Designer or being built into Publisher and I am just looking in the wrong places? Or is this function that should become a feature request? Here's to hoping I can find something amazing or I can turn this into a feature request. -Thanks!
  4. I'm in the same boat as @DegasBrush I need to be able to print white on top and/or beneath my images. On top for tattoos and bottom for prints that go on colored paper. Checking the color separation is important in this process. Spot colors are also fairly important but Affinity Designer does kind of take care of a lot of this..
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