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  1. Thanks for the suggestion @walt.farrell! I'll set a few presets up to use going forwards
  2. Hello! I prefer to embed images and files rather than link to them, and it would be nice if Publisher could remember this (I've forgotten to change it once or twice already). Thanks guys!
  3. Sorry if this has been covered already, but I've got a document with a number of artboards and want to export a handful of then to a PDF, but not all of them. I select them, hit export, and choose either selection with or without background. This works fine unless you also want a bleed included as the checkbox stays grayed out (see picture) and can't be selected. This has only started with version, worked fine before this point.
  4. It does! Sorry, I wasn't aware that you knew of this already.
  5. Just been playing about with the new Guides Manager. Whenever I edit the margins, it instantly reverts back to what it was before (both typing the number and using the arrows). When editing the margins under Document Setup everything works fine, including updating the numbers shown in the Guides Manager.
  6. Cheers everyone! I didn't realise this was done by design, but thanks for getting back to me!
  7. Potentially! It's not just me that has edited that file so can ask, but that's potentially quite likely.
  8. This has only happened for one particular image, but the icons in the corners when the vector crop tool is selected are pointing in all sorts of directions (see the attached screenshot).
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