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  1. Good news... I will test. Thank you
  2. Hyphenation for Czech, right after Finnish, please :-)
  3. I believe You:-) I use dozens of paragraph and text styles, especially for multi-language texts. Remembering dozens of shortcuts is good for androids. It’s Better to name styles clear and the tool like Quick Apply works like a magic (universal shortcut + few characters). About the Dropper tool – Especially during early design process I don’t care about creating or naming styles...
  4. I have not found (yet) any request (except for one) for other ways how to apply text styles. I Personally use very often Dropper tool or Quick Apply function (InDesign). Of course, that I also use own keyboard shortcuts, but mentioned alternatives are often really useful, super fast and easy. It would be Great to have them...
  5. It would be great to have precise control over creating guides and to have possibility to change their position ideally through the (numeric) keyboard. I personally use grids very often. Sometimes I need to lock them, copy and past to another page, select and change position, (change color), multi-duplicate some guide with defined distance. Here are some examples of grid layouts (first – more structured book, second – magazine). Guide manager is fine in some situations, but it’s not pleasant for quick adjustments. Opening dialogue window and changing some positions is time consuming process. Also, doing it visually is not good and precise way... Anyway I admire your work.
  6. I agree that easy&fast way how to divide format into number of columns and gutters (horizontally/vertically) is nessesery for designing any Layout.
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