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  1. Yes thanks, similar effect is one thing, but for production purpose is this feature missing.
  2. I have book with images where is one color black and second spot color Pantone. Is it possible manage it in AffPhoto? In chanels appears only all colors separated to CMYK.
  3. Hi, it is in Regular mode and I use second DELL monitor 27¨, native screen resolution. My computer is
  4. Window HSL adjustment on Mac, in Mojave appears sometimes bad - see bellow
  5. Yes thanks, this was very helpful for me I found it.
  6. How can I find in longer dokument overflowing text in frames when before export appears this window?
  7. It would be great to have the possibility set different bleed for each Artboard in AfDesigner (usefully for making Covers with spine)
  8. Function Expand Stroke in AfDesigner 1.6 does not work properly.
  9. Hi, I don't know how to export from AfPhoto monochrome bitmap tiff - it can be useful sometimes. Is it possible? I tryed it throught Filter Monochrome Dither, but how to export it?
  10. Is it possible in AfPublisher open PDF file with CMYK and spot colours together?
  11. Yes, good job – I set it on 3 and it works OK. Thank you very much. Ctirad
  12. Minimum Prefix in Hyphenation is set on 2. Thanks
  13. Why is at the end of row - soft hyphen - when is used nonbreaking space before one letter preposition?