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  1. en dash at the end of row, when using nonbreaking space to avoid one letter at the end of row.
  2. The same update Error on MacOS.
  3. One option is to make the book cover in Aff Designer - you can have different sizes of artboards and then is possible open this document in Publisher, but you can't convert artboards to spread.
  4. souacz -- thaks for advice it works in Czech too. Díky kolegovi z Polska.
  5. RaSu


    And what about czech hyphenation – is it planed in the future?
  6. Non-breaking space in Publ.Beta has the same Special Character as Standard Space so it is not possible recognize these two characters.
  7. Please, to add hyphenation for czech language in the future. I know, we are a small country but we will love Affinity.
  8. Dear sirs, it would be good to have this option: add more (than two) pages next to each other by facing pages in AfPublisher. Now it is working with only two pages. Would you consider this possibility later? Thanks
  9. This advice seems to me is little bit strange. I have to use both app AffinityPhoto and Photoshop? Would be not better to add this function in future to Affinity Photo?
  10. I can not discover a function which is in Photoshop – open PDF file and rasterize it without font substitution, so that all original fonts remain the same. Is it also possible with Affinity Photo?
  11. When using Publisher feature Find and Replace, only Replace works, but function Replace all does not work.