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  1. Just another +1 for the inclusion of PDF Bookmark generation in a Affinity Publisher near-future release. (of course if there's a choice, footnotes/endnotes feature should take priority over this!)
  2. +1 for including a feature to generate PDF bookmarks in Affinity Publisher when producing a PDF version of your document. I know the free Foxit PDF Reader allows you to create/edit/delete book,arks in a PDF document, but I haven;t had the opportunity to try it on a PDF generated by Affinity Publisher. It would be very desirable to do all the associated tasks with APub.
  3. I agree with Rory Mole, In most of the projects I'm involved with, the authors' MS Word document manuscripts include footnotes. When I import them into my layout/publishing program I need those footnotes (together with their marks in the main body) to be imported, and then to be able to format them appropriately with style, etc. Like Rory, I don't want to have to manually insert footnotes. (Guess I'm just used to being able to do it in PagePlus)
  4. Sounds like we share enthusiasm and praise for what Serif/Affinity have done to date. Given what they've achieved so far, we can hope that footnotes and end notes will be high in the priority list of future developments for APublisher. And if anyone can tie all the components together to deliver the functionality, it looks like the Affinity team are well placed.
  5. Really? I would say that the handling of footnotes, especially ,is a complex task. Each footnote can vary in length; if you edit the main body text of an article that may move the position of a footnote mark - perhaps moving it to the next page, or the next column... If you add a footnote into an article that might impact the placement of any existing footnotes at the bottom of the page/column... If a footnote is lengthy, at what point should it automatically break/overflow to the next page/column? There's a lot of interaction between footnotes and main body text. [I've seen the challenges that footnotes can create when using PagePlus] I do really appreciate why footnotes/end notes didn't make it into the APublisher launch. I applaud Serif for delivering a working product as they have done. This dpesn't stop me from anticipating the inclusion of the footnotes/end notes feature in APub sooner than later, but. of course, all of us who are supporting the feature request will want Serif to deliver the feature in a solid working state. So, looking forward to a future release.
  6. Thanks Bruce. I;ll look into that. As I've said elsewhere, you'll have to excuse these sorts of questions from me - I've used PagePlus for years and need to adjust to how to do what I've been used in Affinity Publisher...
  7. Thanks for the suggestion, , Dave. I'll take a look and see how that works. You'll have to excuse me asking too many questions, I've used PagePlus for years and am not yet familiar with how some things that I'm used to doing now work in Affinity Publisher...
  8. In Affinity Publisher, is it possible to select all paragraphs of the same style? For example, if I have several headings in a document with Heading-3 as their style, can I select those paragraphs and apply a new style to them in one hit?
  9. Looked at the use of Decorations in the Paragraph studio. I can see how this is useful for individual paragraphs but I'm not convinced it's a workable solution for column rules on a 6 page 2 column document where all that's needed is a line between the 2 columns. Guess I've been spoilt by the simple straightforward way that it's implemented in PagePlus.
  10. @Toutou123 - Thanks for highlighting the Decorations feature in the Paragraph studio tab. I will investigate to see how it operates. I
  11. Thanks for the reply, Old Bruce. Yes, I realise there is a workaround. It's just that I've got so used to setting column rules up in PagePlus and having them automatically appear as overflow text frames are created... Hopefully we won't have too long to wait before APublisher gets column rule functionality along with other features to make it a powerful for producing longer documents.
  12. One feature I'd like to see added to APublisher is the ability to insert rules between columns when creating multi-column frames. Since that feature was introduced in PagePlus , I've found it a very useful tool to add impoact to layouts.
  13. Just re=emphasising the desire to see APublisher have a footnotes/end notes facility introduced. The lack of that feature means that I will continue using Serif's PagePlus for the majority of my projects use footnotes. It's appreciated that the management of footnotes is a complex matter (insert foot note at point A, but subsequently add text and.or images befgre point A and that means the footnote has to be re-positioned and all that that entails...), but it is a very valuable tool. p/s/ Congrats on Affinity Live 2019 - very impressed by the integration of Designer, Photo and Publisher.
  14. I agree - the dark interface just doesn't work for me either! Good to see that it's a simple setting ion the program to switch to what a user prefers.
  15. +1 to footnote/endnote feature! I've only had a brief look at the Beta and I'm very impressed by it. During my short time with it so far, and what I've gleaned from the Tutorial videos, the footnote.endnote feature appeared to be the only major thing that would prevent me from using on projects that I currently use PagePlus for. Allan
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