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  1. I changed the group blending mode to "normal", and the result became consistent. I'm leaving this here in case someone can explain to me why this changed anything at all. From the help document: "Any layer or object can have a blend mode assigned. The default blend mode is 'Normal'—no special compositing is applied. For a group, the default is 'Passthrough'. When set, the group itself has no special blend properties of its own, and passes on the blend mode of its parent layer." If the default is "normal", and the group has no parent, why is "passthrough" creating an unexpected result? If it isn't inheriting "normal" from the document default, what is happening here? Thanks in advance for any insight!
  2. Hi all, I may be missing something here, but I have a pixel layer with a mask nested within a group. I want to move the mask to the group so I can add additional layers within that will obey the mask. However, when I move the mask from the nested layer to the group layer, I get a completely different result even though I believe the results should be the same since the only layer in the group is the pixel layer that has the mask. Can anyone see what I'm missing here, or is this perhaps a bug or inconsistency in the software? Attaching a video to demonstrate--look at the difference along the edge of his hair as I move the mask between layer and group. AP-Mask-Layer-Group.mov
  3. Just to be safe, I will upload the old version again. I think I might have uploaded it in reference to a color issue I had on the same document in another forum post. I can share it with you, just not publicly as it was purchased.
  4. I believe I did upload the files to the Dropbox link, let me know if I am remembering wrong and I will upload again. I sent you a previous revision from around the time of the video with a filename "Book Design (OLD VERSION).afdesign". The "old" version is because I had made changes since, that version is from Google Drive version history so it may not be 100% match but it does demonstrate the behavior. I also uploaded the latest, same filename without the parenthetical. I'm happy to send again, if needed, just let me know! Thanks!
  5. The original PSD in Photoshop is set to RGB/8 (according to the mode setting), sRGB-IEC61966-2.1 (according to the color settings panel) and "Linear Color Space" (according to the convert colors dialog). If there is a better place to check, please let me know, I've been getting rusty on Photoshop as I've been making the switch over the past couple years. I thought it was in the info window, but they have changed the UI recently and if it was there before, it isn't anymore.
  6. Also if I change the setting away and back, and then save, with the toggle still on "Convert", it converts as expected. It is only by opening the dialog, making no changes, and pressing "OK" that nothing happens. It would seem what is in error is what color space Designer reports the document is in before making changes, perhaps? AD-Color-4-Reselect.mov
  7. It would seem that if I select "Assign" in the Designer Document Setup > Color tab, when I submit, the document updates correctly. When I choose "Convert", it updates the color space and converts all the colors to what they looked like in the incorrect color space. If I leave it alone and choose ok, it still shows the incorrect color space and does not update. See what I mean: AD-Color-1-Save.mov AD-Color-2-Assign.mov AD-Color-3-Convert.mov
  8. 1: works as expected 2: Problem still exists 3: Problem still exists I messed around and the problem persisted, but I think the document setup color settings tab is the source of the issue, I will follow up with more details.
  9. @- S - great catch! The document setup dialog showed 2.1, so I thought they were the same. Photo sees it differently. I went back into the dialog, and discovered if I toggle between "Assign" and "Convert", the document updates to the correct color space. Very weird, but now I can create in the correct gamut again, so that's a win! I will try the other troubleshooting exercises as soon as I have a chance and report back. I have fixed it for my needs, but there still may be a bug at play with that dialog or perhaps the file. Thanks all!
  10. @Mark Oehlschlager - Thanks for the troubleshooting steps, I will try them out shortly! @Dan C - The file is uploading but taking forever...internet is less than stellar tonight.
  11. I am having this same issue in basically the same scenario. I am trying to convert a PSD mockup I purchased into a usable Designer file, manually replacing the smart objects with symbols from neighboring artboards. I used Edit in Photo to go apply a perspective filter, and not only is the display getting weird and distorted but also my computer starts going on overdrive and heating up, presumably running the graphics card really hard. This is a template I cannot share here but I am attaching a screen recording. AD-AP-Symbol-Perspective.mov
  12. @Mark Oehlschlager thanks for the idea, I hadn't checked there. I took another screen recording, this time manually entering the RGB values between documents. I checked every layer within the artboard and non of them had any advanced blend options applied. Unfortunately, that isn't it. I am wondering if it's something weird with opening a PSD, but there could still be some option I'm not aware of. Thanks for the help! Let me know if you have any other ideas AD-Color-Mismatch-2.mov
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