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  1. Focus! That's the word I was scrambling for Happy to help, I'd love to see this problem go away so any time spent helping here might just save me aggregate hours in the future. Let me know if you need any further details or demonstration, I'm happy to try different things out.
  2. Just adding my followup here in case it's helpful. I posted a video to demonstrate the behavior.
  3. I happen to have ScreenFlow so I captured the issue with keystrokes showing. You can watch the tool change on first keypress followed by the layer change on second keypress. I show it with the "b" and "l" keys, but it is reproducible with any key that selects a tool and is also the first letter of the name of an existing layer. I may have found a caveat, because this behavior doesn't happen until you click on a layer or something in the layers panel. Once you "activate" it, it becomes infintely reproducible. Hope this helps! affinity-photo-tool-layer-select-issue.mp4
  4. vincentlepes

    Macro - Apply image

  5. I am experiencing the same issue and mentioned it in another thread: I can reproduce this behavior all day with the brush tool and a background layer with another layer above that is currently active. Let me know if you need a screen recording! I’m happy to help if it will help squash this bug!!
  6. Yeah, the old issue was even more annoying. B for brush, e for eraser, b for brush...no wait, now it’s smudge
  7. Well I hope more people who are as reliant on keyboard workflows as we must be start noticing because it’s a real buzz kill haha
  8. I had this problem but closing Publisher, opening and closing Designer & Photo, and then re-opening Publisher worked for me, may be worth a try for you
  9. You can make the tools greyscale in preferences > User Interface > Check "Monochromatic iconography"
  10. vincentlepes

    Copy and paste

    P.S. - I believe you can also just drag the image inside the rectangle for the same effect.
  11. vincentlepes

    Copy and paste

    I'll let the experts chime in, but I think what you want is to create a shape (in this case a rectangle so it's like a crop). Make sure this rectangle shape layer is right above the image you want to crop (right above it in the layers panel). Right click on the shape layer and choose "Mask to Below". Now you can crop the image by editing the rectangle layer :).
  12. Can someone tell me if it's possible to disable layer selection with the keyboard? If I'm already on the brush tool, and I select a layer mask to work on, and I hit the B key (muscle memory at this point), it now selects the next layer down that starts with "B" (usually background). This is really annoying because I will brush away at the background (wondering why nothing is happening) and have to undo all the brush strokes, select the mask layer again, and then do my brushing. And then two minutes later I'm adjusting exposure or something and I forget the brush tool is selected, click my mask layer, click B, and then it's back on the dang background again. It's SO frustrating. I switch constantly between B and E in so many scenarios, so I require the shift modifier to cycle tools. It was even more annoying to have the tool cycle every time you switch back. Is there a way to disable this behavior so my B key either selects the brush I last used or does nothing at all?
  13. vincentlepes

    Table UI issue ( [UPDATED]

    Just dropped in to report this bug, I see I am not alone and glad to see it's a known issue being fixed! Some table rows become impossible to resize due to the UI being wider and disappearing, I just wanted to add that to the issue and ask if anyone here has a workaround in the meantime. Thanks all!