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  1. well hey that's pretty awesome! Thanks
  2. It's not so bad with 3 layers, but it gets extremely tedious when you're dealing with an entire scene and each object is made of like 30 layers nested in various ways, its just less organized and less consolidated. But it sounds like they figured this out for 1.7! here's hoping
  3. Hi I'm in the middle of a project and I can't figure out, how do you add multiples of layer effects? for example Outer Shadows, or Gradient Overlay? The workaround is to use nested layers each with their own Gradient Overlay etc, but its super tedious and messy. Any ideas? And if this is not possible, I really think there is a strong argument for it. Light and shadow is extremely complex and I think a lot of designers need this feature. Thanks!
  4. You have just saved me so much work and so many headaches it is insane. THANK YOU
  5. I'm having this recurring issue, where if I clip something to a shape/curve at an angle the original shape/curve fill bleeds into the edge, which is particularly obvious when clipping a light color to a dark color as shown here: Can anybody help? Much appreciated clipping mask error.afdesign
  6. junovhs

    Foliage Brushes

    wow, thats an amazing list with details! Thanks so much! This has given me a lot more insight, much appreciated. Yea, everything we've done so far is compatible with both Designer and Photo. The only things that wouldn't be, would be vector brushes (unless those also work in Photo? I assumed not but haven't actually checked) Super inspired now, thanks again!
  7. junovhs

    Foliage Brushes

    Hey SrPx, thanks! We have a lot of products for Procreate we'd like to port over to Affinity - we're kind of new to vector illustration, do most people prefer vector brushes or raster? Deciding which sets to do next!
  8. junovhs

    Foliage Brushes

    Hey guys, just thought I'd let you know we now have our Foliage Brushes available for Affinity products! Fully compatible with iPad and desktop. Works in Pixel persona! Check them out here!
  9. junovhs

    watercolor brushes

    yea, can't figure out how to delete this post. Turns out not a lot of people wanted it lol
  10. junovhs

    FX Monkey - New project with AP resources

    hey that is really cool! thanks Frankentoon! btw love your art
  11. junovhs

    watercolor brushes

    Can't figure out how to delete this post, if mods could remove that would be great There was a free watercolor wash brush here but there was basically zero interest.