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  1. Like for example a novel. The pages where chapters start usually have a different look than pages that only contain text. So those would have text styles for headings and a paragraph style (think space between heading and text etc.). In Quark I have a master page for those that I drag onto those pages etc.
  2. Thanks. How would you go about chapter titles? Would you style every one of them manually or do a master for those?
  3. Hey, Fixx, what would be your process for setting up a 500 page long book in Publisher then? Just curious :-)
  4. But the numbers would need to start with the number 5 then (assuming the front matter is made of pages 1-4). ...
  5. Question: If you take a novel, for example, the front matter has no page numbers on it. The numbering starts usually with the first chapter, that means, that the count may start with the number 5 on that page. Is this already doable in AP? Workaround would be, to let the count run from the first page und hide that under a white rectangle until it reaches the first chapter, but it would not be that professional, I guess :-)
  6. An official statement by someone from the team would be much appreciated here! I also would use publisher mainly for creating books for printing (novels in a single pdf), so I would need master pages for setting up the main text and chapter titles, front and back matter etc., linked text frames in master pages etc. Will some of this functionality be implemented in the final version or not? Just wondering. Thanks
  7. I do books (novels) as well and I would be curious, which workflow the Affinity Team has in mind for the final version for doing stuff like this? regards
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