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    Introduce Yourself

    Hi everyone. Just thought would throw my hat in. I'm up in South-West Scotland and have been so, so impressed by Photo and really enjoying digging deep into it. It's also great to have such friendly fora. Slainte Ian
  2. Thanks for that. I'll give it another go.Just to keen to get going so must have skipped that bit! Ian
  3. Hi Callum, Yes I've gone through each one and stuck to the exact numbers on the instructions. My finished version isn't that bad but is definitely oversaturated compared to the first one. I actually tried a second time to double check and still the same. Hi Joanne. I really think I need to get a colorimeter! Ian
  4. Hi, This is my first post so please be kind! I've just got the workbook and went through the first "mamtor" project. I found the process quite painless and straightforward BUT the source files have 2 pics and I'm assuming one is before and after. My "post processing" file is much more saturated than the "locked" downloaded file. My question is; Is this purely a result of lack of monitor calibration or am I missing something else? I'm using a Dell laptop I'm planning to get a colorimeter - either spyder 5 or Xrite pro. I would really value any opinions as to the best hardware to get. I've checked software and know I can get DisplayCal which seems to be highly recommended over the native software. Ian
  5. wow! just joined the forum and this is a major help. Many thanks