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  1. I am switching from a long time user of PS.. I really miss getting rid of the transparency grid/checkerboard. I like to see just white when it's transparent. a better, more editable drop shadow with presets I often moved my shadow to it's own layer and used warp on it to modify, I miss that very much. shapes support for .asl files docking brush palette to tab/window
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    DAUB Mosaic

    I couldn't love this more, thanks so much!
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    Dream Organics Styles

    Thanks so much, beautiful!!
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    Div Metal Styles

    Thanks so much!
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    Rust Styles

    Love these, thank you
  6. I have been using the Trial Version of Affinity Photo for Mac for a few days. I just bought the full version and downloaded it. My tools are all monochromatic, when I go to Preferences it doesn't matter if I check or uncheck the Monochromatic tool box, they stay monochromatic. Am I missing something or is a problematic download possibly?