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  1. I would like to be able to save/export a document without blocking the whole UI so I can work on another document while one is being saved. This is possible with Photoshop, please implement it the same way.
  2. @Fixx Photoshop CC has 3 compression presets for PNG. I know PNG is lossless, however there may be ways to configure things as Photoshop is not using magic here. The presets do not convert RGB to palettized image.
  3. Affinity Designer has a number of options to configure snapping to grid or other elements, but for me it is not working very well, if working at all. Using photoshop, I have nothing to configure and objects align between each others smartly always in the way I want. With Affinity Designer, I tried various settings, but whatever I choose most of the time the alignment doesn't happen. I am not sure how you designed this feature, but it needs a serious review: 1. make it actually work, 2: make it simpler
  4. Please add Close All menu item to close all currently open files. Also, if closure of all the documents leads to at least one prompt to save an unsaved file, please make sure this prompt has an Apply To All check box.
  5. Please add PNG export compression presets such as in Photoshop CC, "smallest file size", "medium file size" and "large file size". I am using this a lot and is one of the reasons I have not totally switched to Affinity Photo yet.
  6. Hi Sean, I cannot attach it here but if you have a support email address I'll send it there. Thanks.
  7. Hi, Affinity Photo 1.6.4, opening a 8192x8192 TGA file (8 bits, RGBA) causes an immediate and systematic crash. File opens fine in Photoshop. If I remove the Alpha channel under Photoshop, save and then open the new file into Affinity Photo, file opens properly, no crash. So this is likely the presence of the alpha channel that is causing the crash. Please fix!
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