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    JonFiver reacted to Mateusz Justkowski in Affinity illustration set 2018   
    Hello, 2018 year was realy exciting for me. I created many illustrations. So, now, I can present the set of my works created last year.  


    Thanks for watching My website: Mateusz Justkowski
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    JonFiver reacted to sk5553 in LEGACY: Official Affinity Photo (Desktop) Video Tutorials   
    Having been using Photoshop/Elements for many years, looking for an alternative - very pleased with my purchase recently of Affinity Photo - video tutorials are excellent - fairly easy to move from Photoshop to your product - thank you and keep up the good work!
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    JonFiver reacted to firstdefence in Intertwined Shapes Logo in Affinity Designer   
    You can use a stroke expanded to slice into the left side, you still maintain 2 objects.


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    JonFiver reacted to carl123 in Intertwined Shapes Logo in Affinity Designer   
    CTRL+Click the White Curve's layer Thumbnail to make a selection
    Switch to the Red Curve Layer and Erase the part where the White layer should show through  (a Mask layer will be created automatically)
    Note: Some rasterisation will occur on export but there are only 2 shapes (as requested).  You may need to use 3 shapes if non-rasterisation is important

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    JonFiver reacted to v_kyr in Intertwined Shapes Logo in Affinity Designer   
    Hmm a combine won't do it here and probably destroy the intertwined effect, since one rect would always be placed then completely to the top that way. - Only if you can combine the white line and the red rect in a graceful manner you can reduce it to two shapes/curves here.
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    JonFiver got a reaction from JimmyJack in Logo Masking to Image Below   
    You, sir, are brilliant.  
    Thank you!

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