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  1. @Wosven Thank you! Interesting, that PPI thing, I didn't know.
  2. Thank you all well I made this quick example to explain my question, but the original document has dozens of layers and groups, and the adjustment layers need to be nested with their appropriate layers. (I hope I understood your question well, I'm not sure ^^) here's the document where I had the "problem": oh yes! Ctrl E works well in my case I mostly work with pixel layers anyway. many thanks !! to be honest, since pixel layers can resize without quality loss, and can have live filters applied on... I don't really see any interest to work with "images". I probably missed something though ^^
  3. Hi, Here's my last photomontage, inspired by the video game World of Warcraft (Deepholm area, to be exact) The process work, and the final image. I normally do them with Photoshop, and since I tested Affinity I wanted to see if I could do the same with it. And the answer is yes Sometimes, more easily than with Photoshop, sometimes harder ^^ What I really appreciate with Affinity : - resizing without quality loss! just great! - the layer system (the way they embed) is quite practical - live filters, easy and simple (no need to convert the layer) What I miss (from Photoshop): - a check box on the layer panel, to lock alpha - the possibility to "apply" a mask (I just created another topic about this feature) - colours on the layer panel! when you end up with one hundred layers, it's cool to be able to give colours to some of them, to find them easily on the panel. Anyway, it's a great software and I'll continue using it in the future.
  4. Hi, I'm struggling with a feature with seems to be missing in Affinity photo, or maybe I just didn't find it ^^ So I have a pixel layer, I make a selection and create a mask from the selection. Then, I apply several adjustment layers. Like in the pic I uploaded. Later, for some reasons, I want to get rid of the mask - not the selection, only the mask ! I want to definitely "apply" the mask. The only way I found is to "Rasterize" the layer... and it flattens the mask, so it's great, but... all the adjustments layers are flattened to! and this, I don't want. So I had to move away the adjustments layers, rasterize the image with the mask, and then move back the adjustments layers... A bit annoying ^^ In Photoshop, I can just right click on the mask and choose "Apply the mask" and that's it. I can't believe such a simple feature is missing in Affinity Photo ?? I must be hiding somewhere ! Thanks for help
  5. hmmm... a bit odd, but interesting... thank you for the help!
  6. oh thank you, both of you now I hope they will add the same alpha option on other tools like clone stamp and so on... and I can see on the other thread (thank Lee for the link) that I'm not the only one missing that old good Cmd+Del of photoshop ^^
  7. Hello, I'm a photoshop user and I'm currently testing Affinity Photo, and I really like it... but there's one feature I can't find, which is "lock transparent pixels" (layer panel, in photoshop) In Affinity, it seems that the only lock provided is for preventing moving layers around... Is it hidden somewhere? Thank you
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