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  1. I like a lot about it, but it needs a ton of improvement to be a clear competitor for Adobe. They branded it as being a pro competitor, but it's got too many lapses in workflow for someone used to Illustrator and PS to easily move.
  2. I really want to move from PS to Photo because of the amazing price and features, but there's so many small details in PS that Photo and other apps don't have. It's really strange that we can't move the crop boundary with the arrows. Also, in PS you can modify the behavior of most tools with Ctrl, Alt, and Shift. In Photo, those keys do nothing with the Crop tool. We should be able to resize from center with Alt and constrain proportions with Shift. For the Brush tool, we should be able to modify size and hardness with Ctrl and Alt. Again, make the keyboard as useful as the mouse. That's one reason why PS is where it is. Thanks.
  3. Any chance for an oil painting effect tutorial? The app lacks something to easily make that.
  4. Photo is an amazing app, but for some reason it lacks a lot of effects. Is there any chance you'll introduce an oil painting effect? Photoshop has had that for more than a decade, and PSP has something similar, though lower quality. Thanks.

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