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  1. Inspired by the Affinity Designer I tried to do some vector work with the Adobe Illustrator. Pro: - Adobe Illustrator has a great lightweight touch mode - Integrated Surface Dial function Con: - No Artboard rotation - I'm not able to use my pen as an eraser... - Feels here and there a bit buggy I think Affinity has a lot of potential on Windows 10. This could be kind of a disruptive innovation. The Surface Line is a versatile creative dream, but we also need tools to support it, and Adobe did a bad job to do so in the last years. Here we have now a lot of potentials for a newcomer to grab market share.
  2. The new Affinity designer for iPad looks and feels awesome. I would love to see a similar version of the Designer on Windows 10 which uses the full potential of the Windows 10 touch functionalities. A direct copy of the iPad UI could be awesome.

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