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  1. I am quite sure those things are not the issue. I have a logo which I copied over from a Designer file. If I paste it into the stable version of Publisher I can scale it to any size no problem. When I do exactly the same thing in the latest beta the logo text falls below the image symbol and the spacing between the two lines is no longer consistent. I could show an example if that would help.
  2. That is a good workaround. I am sure a later version of Publisher everything available so that you don't have to even do the workaround but it gets the job done. Thanks!
  3. I guess I could make a new doc with the Instagram sizes and then copy everything from one file over to the other but it seems like a strange workaround. Also I wonder if there is a way to select multiple presets at the same time when creating a new file? One of the most common uses would be to have a single design used in several different social layouts. I wouldn't want to make a separate file for each.
  4. I have an IDML file of some print work and I want to use on some social accounts. Is there a way to select the print pages and convert over it over to the social format? I went to spread options and can see were you select presets but the social presets like Instagram don't appear to be there.
  5. Well I haven't particular been running into many bugs in the short time I have been on the new Affinity iPad version. Only one crash I think. Hey look it's my 666th post and I have 123 favorited posts!! What are the chances?!
  6. That's right I remember hearing about TestFlight. Okay I will have to look up how to use it. I haven't been an iPad user but with Affinity there is more reason to use my parents iPad now. I would imagine iPad 1.8 will be out around the time span that 1.8 is in beta on Windows/Mac?
  7. I just starting using the iPad version of Affinity and I can't tell how you install betas. Is it done through the MAS somehow? Is there a current beta on iPad?
  8. Capture One Pro is pretty good but I wish it had a couple of LR features. I decided to not upgrade to their latest version since it didn't have the features that I thought was the most important.
  9. Wow Affinity apps on iPad are great! Just used them in depth for the first time for an extended period of time. Apple just needs to put as much ram as there is in their laptops into their iPads so the apps don't have to keep restarting all the time.

  10. I haven't got Quicklook to work with Affinity on iPad at all. Are you saying that Quicklook works but just that you can't zoom into the document? Being able to access the feature at all would be a huge improvement for me. The only thing it has ever opened for me (on iOS, iPadOS) is very common formats like jpg, Pdf, etc. File management on iPad just seems flaky to me. For an example I have been able to Airdrop between my Mac and iPad.
  11. I have always had problems editing with Affinity in the Apple Photo app no matter which OS I am on.
  12. I would presume it would work very similarly to the way Photoshop is supported. Somehow Serif needs to get around this completely closed system. It needs to work much better with other products like Capture One, Quark etc. This is especially true for products they don't offer alternative to like video programs. Adobe even has their own video solution and yet they still support Final Cut. For Serif to not offer this option, even though they may never have a video option is nuts. They need to get their act together in this area.
  13. Have there been any updates on this topic since 2017? I am think about buying Final Cut but whether or not it has Affinity support would be one of the reasons I buy it or not.
  14. I imagine it's a lot of work to start a new suite of software from scratch.
  15. I always figured that once they get through most of the bug fixes this will be the point at which they can then switch over to bigger updates. Given the bugs and crashes I have encountered with Publisher there will most likely be smaller updates for a while. I can see Photo and Designer moving on to bigger updates before Publisher.
  16. Unfortunately I didn't check the status when it was blurry since I didn't know to check there. It seem like it fixed it's on restart though.
  17. I got an award this year for my project final and they wanted me to make a short video for it. This was mostly for the book (which is on my Instagram profile) but I thought it was worthy of also bringing up here since the poster was done in Affinity Designer. I first tried to make it in Quark where the book was made but realized it was too difficult to rotate individual letters due to Quark text box funkiness. Maybe I will make a book in Affinity someday too!
  18. Oh good, I couldn't find where you were supposed to go to check resources. A weird thing happened, I shut the app down and restarted it and then the image got sharp again! Under resource manager everything is marked as linked. It hope it says good now.
  19. I imported a file from my photos folder into Publisher and everything was fine. Printed it all out, worked great. When I went back to the Publisher file today it look extremely pixelated. Can someone help me as to what is going on? I didn't move then image in the Finder (if that even makes any difference.)
  20. Interesting! Sounds like both companies are a bit dependent on each other. I am so tired of dealing with old software. I could keep trying to make CS6 work but if Adobe's competition can do much of what the old stuff can why not leave it in the past? At least that is my mindset.
  21. It seems like most people go with whatever comes in a bundle. Makes sense in some ways, that was the reason I went with Acrobat after all. Why buy something else if the product in the bundle works? Right now I am planning on just going with pdfToolbox. I think the biggest issue is for it to do a lot of things rather then to primarily consider it from a pricing angle. If one of the those features will come in handy down the line this really matters to me when on a deadline to get something out. I downloaded the trail so I will have to keep using it this week and see how it works out.
  22. I wonder why they choose to go with that program over the others? Good idea, that turned up some good results.
  23. Never heard of those, I'll have to look into them. I started using pdfToolbox since that is usually what they talk about in the Quark forums for some reason.
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