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  1. Could we get some options to adjust zoom behaviour? Option to always (initially and/or consistently) display documents at the nearest rational zoom level (e.g. 1:3, 1:2, 1:1, 2:1, 3:1, ...) Option to always initially display documents at 1:1 (with option for "Small images only" and "All images") Option to always use nearest-neighbour scaling for rational zoom levels greater than 1 I would also prefer it if the zoom level could be made to never change unless the user requests it.
  2. Thor, the Norseman

    Sneak peeks for 1.7

    Will do. PS: Very impressed at: 1. Getting a reply. 2. So quickly. 3. From an actual programmer. 4. I hope you're finding the time to actually code!
  3. Thor, the Norseman

    Sneak peeks for 1.7

    I purchased Affinity Photo pretty recently as an Adobe Photoshop refugee. I'm hoping to have some minor annoyances fixed: Crop tool: It needs to use a hairline for the cropping rectangle so you can crop to exact pixels, and it needs to snap to object boundaries, so you can quickly crop the canvas to fit what you have on there. Zoom: The zoom keeps changing back to fitting the window all the time. This is irritating when you want the zoom to keep to whole steps (25%, 50%, 100%, 200%, ...) These might not be super important if all you do all day is edit photos, but it is pretty important for pixel design work, and I did a significant amount of that in Photoshop.