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  1. Well Today i'll come back on the above from my friend @Wosven Well the client did vote the thing and i had no more extra steps to do but i'm about to send this one ! Y'all can tell me what you think about it.
  2. Hello Everyone ! Today i've got time and made a quick turn here to post the below ! As always, your impressions and recommendations are welcome ! Hope @Wosven is still around.
  3. Hello @Wosven This is the kind of idea i like ! Thank you all for reviewing my work here, it's really helpful ! Blessings.
  4. Hello @GarryP Glad to read from you ! Here are my answers to your preocupations about the design i posted. Well, it is actually to be used as a facebook post image, not sure it will work on twitter but i believe it can be used too ! Okay ! System76 actually is not the main focus, their opinion on this is that everyone representative should go as much self leaded as they can, so the focus here should go to the Representative then anything else, i put Belgium in high letters because the deal is for him first let know to everyone that he's active. Yes ! that too is
  5. Hello Everyone ! I'm happy to be back here after a long long time without going the creative way. Today i want to share with you a small and quick project i've put in place for a young man who is a friend of mine from Belgium in Europe. He actually is a lucky man and have been called to be an Official Representative for System76 (you can check them at www.system76.com ) Well it is a simple test to put me back on the track ! Please like for all previous projects, tell me what you really think about and would change or better if it was you. I will take it in account and work on ma
  6. Well, Well, Well ! Thank you so much everyone for your inputs ! and YES you are all right about the changes and ideas. But ... the client wanted it that way so i had to make necessary transformations to fits his demand. Thank you so much @Wosven you really know how French designs should be and your words are of great help ! Thank you @GarryP your input opened my eyes too. @Dazmondo77 Expect more inputs from you but i believe next one i publish you will tell openly what you think you could do to make it even better. Thanks to @Mark Ingram @MEB @Andy Somerfield and the whole Seri
  7. Hello Everyone ! it's been a long time since i came here and published some work ! So, i took it and decided to share my last project made 2 days before Affinity Designer & Affinity Photo goes Final Release. The whole thing was done teaming AfDesigner + AfPhoto + AfPublisher for an even happening in Paris France (i hope @Wosven) is arround and will appreciate and drop his comments. Since the software have gone Final, I've not made creative work yet but taking time to rest and remember the good days of the Beta Cycle, today i read Publisher is going to be release tomorrow so i
  8. Hello @Wosven i am but they are still making their mind and i will start working on it when they all come together otherwise, time will be spent moving from this ot that one without any proper results. For this occasion i just made a text based design with common and known stuffs for them to have something they can look at. Your remark is welcome and just pointed the right thing, thank you for your kind words. Blessings.
  9. Hello People ! Back today with a really quick one, made for a friend of mine starting a SHEQ teaching business. This is really quick work made with AfPublisher with all pixels worked out with AfPhoto and Vectors with AfDesigner all 3 from the latest beta build (except AfPublisher because v.312 was not released yet). Tell me what you find and how you think you would improve this. Blessings.
  10. Hello everyone ! Well i will try to make it short, today ! With all recents improvements brought into Affinity line of product, i believe it is time for Serif to develop what i would call smart layers. Well this smart layers would be similar to what one have on photoshop (smart object) but will be more flexible and would allow users who convert from Adobe products to not lose it all: Smart layer would : a- bring more non destructive possibilities as when we uses the develop persona Case: i open a a photo and switch to develop persona then do my thing there, the minute i click Deve
  11. Hello Everyone ! Back today with only small stuff i've recently made. again that client of mine Perez Chapel Foucks for a quick Job (Yes they like quick stuffs !!!) A simple banner + Profile picture for their use. Hope you'll like it ! do not forget: Tell me what you think of it it was exclusively done with Affinity Designer Public Beta Yes it has been a long time since i started and finished a project on AfDesigner only, since AfPublisher my workflow have evolved a bit.
  12. Hello Team ! Just wanted to know at some stage Affinity Photo will support Lens Profile for devices like iPhones, Samsung Galaxy, Huawei, Pixel and Mi by Xiaomi ? IN fact, today there a lot of people are shooting with their mobile phone because it is what they own and like but those devices doesn't produce RAW file the same way big brand does but some will produce HEIC, JPEG and TIFF files. I know you focus on Pro and Expert but will it be possible for small creators to also be taken in consideration ? Blessings
  13. Because it is always better to have everything in one place. ONly they don't work as expected then one can search - find - install and use another one (more suitable to him) Less is more: less installed software on a laptop/mac is still more. Blessings.
  14. Hello Team ! i believe Affinity Publisher would do better job and be even competitive if you had a possibility to do OCR or Characters recognition on loaded PDF or scanned documents. in fact Publisher should be pair correctly with scanners and have Pro level scan functionalities to allow more Pro to converge or convert to it. There is a capture software called snagit who does that job so why not Publisher ? Hope this helps ! Blessings.
  15. Thank You so much Olivio. Nice job, i just got mine right now. Blessings !
  16. i had so much fun of the April Fool from Serif which made me laugh so loud until the level no sound in anymore. Would be great if Serif can simply make their software much intelligent than it is right now, i mean Affinity Suite have great potential but also need something that makes it stand out.
  17. Well it is simple ! I personally am amazed with the level of precision acquired by Adobe since they've implemented the Adobe Sensei technology. I recently was asking myself (now i ask to Serif) how fun and interesting would Affinity Photo (and maybe the two others) if Serif develop an intuitive and efficient intelligence that will power their software. not only Adobe but Skylum took the same path and powered their software with Artificial intelligence and now and they are getting very popular, not only that the tools are getting much better and really saves time for impressive results
  18. Hello everyone ! Back today with this very quick one. Did it for my Computer training business ... well you will notice i'm the principal Host for this workshop. Like before, please do your inputs that help me to make it better every new design. This is to go out in 7 hours from now, so you can still make it change for the good. Not a lot to say, except the fact that very soon i will stop posting my designs here as i think a forum is not a place where this should happen. Would be pleased if Serif puts in place something like Behance to help us showcase our work, subscribing t
  19. Hello everyone ! Hello Team ! Well, i just want to make this request/suggestion that i believe will be of great interest for many in this community. We love affinity Photo a lot but still there are point we often disagree with and tends to make use of other tools but we end up lose a lot of time and some time lose it all. Among those so much wanted features i notice the precious Skin Tone Fine tuning. Well, there are tons of methods that we can use to fine tune our skin tone but when looking closely they are intended for Pro or peoples who have considerable experience with Phot
  20. Thank You so much your intervention and words bring so much clarity. I will propose them a corrected version with your changes and see how they react to that. Blessings !
  21. Hello Dear Friends, Hello Community ! Well, i was far for long time due to many reasons and the most important one to be, i needed to spend time with my wife and son and also take a rest ... on the other hand, i needed to learn more and do some private test of what i learned. You may ask what i was learning that took me so much time, well i would simply reply: the Art of Photo Retouch, Photo Composition and simply said, the art of Photography. Well my weak point that i still need to improve is Photography and all pixel related stuffs while my understand and level of vector works is
  22. Hello @Alfred @R C-R You both got it right! @Callum in fact i'm not going the New Web Design Software route but asking for few more to be added and the example i point to is SketchApp recent improvement. I mean, like ADesigner, Sketchapp is a vector design software which used to sucks a lot but peoples who design websites and make app design use it a lot (not for development) and even contribute to make it better: it is their product. I mean we use ADesigner and it can be confusing to also install SketchApp on the same PC/Laptop just because i may want to draw or design an App like
  23. Hello Guys Thank you for your replies. in fact i was talking about few functionalities that will make ADesigner to be used for Websites mockups and flat designs, things that we present to client before development decision is made. I mean like what we see people do with SketchApp or Figma or even inVision. Those functionalities that helps. For one of my old designs i was happy to have those symbols things you put in there, they actually helped me for many things like color sync etc... So having more tools like that would be great and helpful for those who do websites/apps m
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