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  1. I confirm. I've been spending around 30 min looking for an answer and it was the align. It should be on 'center'.
  2. Hi everyone, I've been using AD from a few months and, as many of us, I'm moving from Illustrator to AD but there are some UX that makes me annoying, especially how AD manages the resizing of text, objects, and images. Why do you guys just make by default the Shift or Alt (Option) as the only way to do that? Every software does that. Every day I have to work with 3 or 4 graphic/painting software. It's hard to rewire my mind scheme only for AD. Thank you
  3. Those are killer features for me. For advanced users, AD is still kind of some steps behind Illustrator but here it comes, little by little.
  4. I really, really love the way to collapse those windows like Photoshop do, I do think it's OK taking some good UX features from other softwares in order to improve our design flow.
  5. You rock! It's OK then. It's my first design/illustration on your software so, I'm exciting to try this more. I came from Adobe, BTW.
  6. Hi everyone, I spent around 1 hrs trying to figure out how to solve this.When using the Geometry feature, after the Subtract action the rectangle remains an object portion, like a line. As you can see I had to create 3 more steps instead 1, any idea why it happened? Thank you Affinity_bug.mp4
  7. Hi, people, I've been playing with your great program, I found some issues: 1. When activate the "Marquee select on Touch", there's a little lag when you try to get (with window selection) a text frame, this is not present in any other object. 2. I didn't find, in Stroke, the inner option in order to have a line inside the object (the're just behing/center option). Very useful btw. 3. When switch to Outline View, every time you move the object, it lets a ghost. I know this issues could be the RAM or Video Card but this is not present on Illustrator. 4. This is not a bug, per se, but when you have a lot of layers it could be really nice to hide/unhide the other layers with one click. Just clicking on the check option from one layer, hold the click and select the other layers in one movement. 5. I'm not really sure if it's useful transforming the object to Curve in order to modify it with the Node Tool, it needs two actions when clicking on Node could, in theory, modify the object ipso facto. You just made a great software. Gracias, @MisterFulanito
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