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  1. I'm currently test driving all of the Affinity products in hopes of leaving Adobe's Creative Cloud, but am coming up just a little short on some key tool necessities. The biggest hole I can see is the ability to distort or free transform vector nodes, whole objects or outlined text (curves). This is a tutorial on creating 'curved' text using 'free transform' tools in Illustrator from 2000: http://www.balloontales.com/curved-type/ Or selective scaling when nodes are selected. Here's an example of the function; keep in mind this isn't about WHAT is being created, it's the 'how'. http://www.balloontales.com/tv-shape-balloon/ Just added functionality to node/vector manipulation and I can then say goodbye to Adobe Illustrator. If these functions already exist, can someone point the way to any related tutorials? Thanks! Good stuff so far; just need a few more tools to be GREAT stuff. G.
  2. THIS. I am currently giving Affinity Designer, along with the other Affinity apps, a test run in hopes to break my shackles to Adobe's Creative Cloud. I letter comic books, which from time to time require distortion of characters for effect. A.D. needs to have a free distortion/transform of nodes or of a grouped object. Other node manipulation abilities (not so much WHAT is being made, but the vector technique being used in Illustrator) http://www.balloontales.com/tv-shape-balloon/ http://www.balloontales.com/curved-type/ These node manipulation abilities are basic necessities when working with vector objects or outlined text (curves).