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  1. OK I came from Drawplus which just worked for me but that another subject I am trying to add a hand to a figure I have already drawn in Affinity. I did originally draw the hand separate but gave up trying to join it to the drawing as nothing seemed to work but now I am drawing the hand again from scratch onto the arm and I can start at a node by selecting it and using the pen tool but as soon as I start the end point node disappears and I cannot join it there. I have tried the join node tool etc but it does nothing what am I doing wrong. As I said in Drawplus this used to just work and was brilliant to use
  2. Does perfectly clear work with this now ? Anyone want to try - its a free plug-in that is good but would not work on older version ( I don't have a trial any more to try myself) https://eyeq.photos/perfectlyclear# So want to jump ship from photoshop but things I use on there are not on affinity like the perfectly clear
  3. Yeah I think with the limitations of Affinity Photo I (No Auto mode in RAW, no support for some filters and actions, No bridge type of feature) it looks like I will unfortunately have to stick with Photoshop for now. I use Photoshop for my business so cannot have software that will slow down my work-flow But as I said I will keep on checking back to see if and when these features will be added as Affinity photo looks great and its brilliant to see software out there that takes on Photoshop. I use Affinity Designer and its excellent. They just need to also make an Affinity Web Design Software (So miss WebPlus )
  4. I use bridge to go through the RAW photos and choose which to develop into photos and also bridge gives me info on the photos such as the tech details etc
  5. Thank you - it was really in the RAW developing I wanted the auto function. As I said it just gives you that start with your photo then work from there. I never use the auto on its own and that is the same with filters like perfectly clear they are just handy tools which come in handy Its a shame as apart from the cost difference Affinity photo looks very good and powerful and I reckon the heal function works better than the one in photoshop Affinity photo also needs something like adobe bridge so you can see your photos at a glance and decide which ones to work on etc. I did contact Affinity about that a while ago and they said they had no plans to implement it which is also a shame
  6. Oh plug-ins arn't the must have thing but they can be time-saving at times. But the RAW auto adjust is very good at getting a base layer and then working from there I have not discounted Affinity photo and will check in the future for sure. Maybe it will update again before my next yearly payment to adobe
  7. OK thank you for your answer Shame - looks like it will be photoshop for a good while yet then. I will have to check it out again in the future Affinity designer is excellent thought I use that a lot
  8. I have used Serif software for years since the days of PagePlus, WebPlus (Still miss WebPlus) etc and would love to move over to Affinty Photo. At the moment I use Photoshop for my work (wedding photographer) and I have a trial version of Affinity. It looks a great bit of software and the healing brush seems better than Photoshop but I want to ask a few questions. I know Affinity photo does not have any kind of image browser like adobe bridge which is a shame and still something of a stumbling block for me but moving past that for now can I ask 1) Does Affinity photo have any kind of auto mode in the RAW develop section. In photoshop RAW there is an Auto function (see screenshot) that is a good starting point to doing a file 2) Does Affinity support any filter for making a montage. I use a great free one called Tychpanel 3) Does Affinity Authentec Perfectly clear - a good useful filter
  9. Thank you Patrick I appreciate it and your help over the week-end
  10. Any news on this please.... Can anyone else tell me what I am missing with the free stuff offered as I cannot see it and Serif wont give me the link on here
  11. Thanks Patrick its much appreciated
  12. Its Maybe I need to try the firewall again - or anti-virus ?? Is there a link to the free stuff ?
  13. Just me then Should I uninstall and re-install ??