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  1. Thank you Patrick I appreciate it and your help over the week-end
  2. Any news on this please.... Can anyone else tell me what I am missing with the free stuff offered as I cannot see it and Serif wont give me the link on here
  3. Thanks Patrick its much appreciated
  4. Its Maybe I need to try the firewall again - or anti-virus ?? Is there a link to the free stuff ?
  5. Just me then Should I uninstall and re-install ??
  6. Yes it just been updated to 1.7.0 You can hide that panel by unticking the box in the bottom left - you can see in my image earlier in this thread
  7. Yeah I think I had a link and downloaded it from Serif To be honest when I first installed it there was images there but later I disabled that screen so not sure how long its been blank Thanks for your help - its not important and the update seems excellent so far just a sucker for freebies
  8. Its the Affinity store version I think - how would I know ? I actually won this from competition in a magazine
  9. Thank you I will check that.... but if it was my firewall how did it update I have allowed it in firewall and anit-virus but still blank Can you give me link to the freebies
  10. Is there any update to this - I would love to replace photoshop with Affinity Photo. It does everything else photoshop does so why leave out an image browser ???? Surly the fact that there are a load of us out there ready to jump ship would make it worth implementing I need some kind of image browser to choose my photos (RAW) to edit into final photos for my customers Supply - demand is the basics of business so why would you not do it
  11. Can I just ask about this Were is this Free content - I see this below
  12. johnyoungphotos

    Affinity Designer for Windows - 1.7.0

    Not used it all yet but I see we can now save custom page presets - That is new right I am sure we could not do that before or did I just miss it all the other times But regardless is very useful so thank you
  13. johnyoungphotos

    Make the pop up text easier to see

    OK thank you for the quick reply
  14. johnyoungphotos

    Make the pop up text easier to see

    Thank you.. always a bit wary of betas - when do you think this will roll out to the main program ?