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  1. johnyoungphotos

    Make the pop up text easier to see

    OK thank you for the quick reply
  2. johnyoungphotos

    Make the pop up text easier to see

    Thank you.. always a bit wary of betas - when do you think this will roll out to the main program ?
  3. When moving an object with arrow keys and the measurements pop up is there a way to increase their size and colour as they are very hard to see. Included a screen shot to show (marked with pencil arrow)
  4. johnyoungphotos

    No update

    Thank you everyone for your help.... I will bookmark that link above so I can check for any updates in the future
  5. I got a new computer and re-downloaded my Affinity Designer which all went well but then I noticed that is was a newer version. But I have never been offered a new version on my old computer and there is no way to check for one like there used to be in the Drawplus range How do I know if I have an update ?
  6. johnyoungphotos

    Clip art

    Thank you - Yes I had seen that option for importing from DrawPlus from another forum user before I joined but wondered if there was some inbuilt stuff.
  7. Hello, New to the forum and Affinity designer having come from DrawPlus. So far seems a great bit of software but does it have any clip art at all. I sometimes would use parts of clip art or vector drawings, signs, symbols in Drawplus as starting points for designs or to save time and interoperate into my deigns I cannot seem to see anything in AF or is there an option I am missing ?