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  1. There's another reason DT does not work for me. I'm using EOS R, and free software are waaay too slow to update on camera profiles. Especially when you're running with the latest.
  2. Totte

    New to the forum

    Cool style! I like it!
  3. Totte

    Ohhh My Strawberry Monkey

    This is amazing! Good job! Trying to make a children's book myself, but I'm not nearly as good
  4. I've tried DT, they got a looong way to go before they can compare themselves to paid software. There's a reason you're paying to Adobe programs. It's premium
  5. Hi, I tried to get in touch on Facebook with no avail so far, so I'll just ask here.. me and my friend have both been beta testing Publisher. My friend received an e-mail with a 30% discount for being beta tester. I did not receive this e-mail. Is it because I've changed my affinity e-mail recently so that it ended up on my old e-mail (which is not working any longer, so I can't check it) or does not every beta-tester get this discount? Is it random?
  6. I have not. As soon as I get a proper replacement for Lightroom I definitely will. As a photographer, the cataloging and workflow of batch edits is crucial for me.
  7. Are there any way to do this more efficient? I've got like 50~ LUT's and this seems like a very slow way of importing them so that you can "quick chose" them :P
  8. Hi, I'm fairly new to photo editing and I just bought AP. I'm trying to achieve this effect by following this (PS) tutorial, tho I'm stuck at what hes does at 6:00 into the clip. When I'm trying to make the mask and then invert it, tho I don't get the same effect in AP. Could anyone explain how to achieve this in AP? Couldn't find any AP tutorial on a similar effect.
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    astronomy photos

    Ye, it's probably taken past midnight. However, I do live quite far north on the map, we don't really get that pitch black as the south. But I guess the over-exposed moon does help a lot with the lightning..
  10. Finally got it working. Want to know what I did wrong? I forgot to pop the transparency back up to 100% >.< Thank you for all the help guys!
  11. I figured I've forgotten to change the opacity back, now I've managed to get the picture to show thru, but not the road coming out.
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    astronomy photos

    Not sure if it falls into the "astronomy" category, but this was taken with my GoPro Hero4 I caught a falling star, so I hope that counts
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    Introduce Yourself

    Hi, I'm Totte from Sweden, a beginner photographer and designer who stumbled across these two lovely pieces of software as I was looking for an alternative to one of your competitors. As I'm no fan of the monthly fee model, the choice was given. Don't regret joining this lovely community for one second.
  14. Good thinking! Here it is.. It's quiet big tho, I guess it's because I'm using big pictures klocka.afphoto
  15. Can't manage to make it.. I think it's around here where it goes wrong My mask doesn't shine thru entirely, they're like transparent and showing that white/gray grid and stuff.
  16. @DM1 that's very well explained. Thank you! I shall give it a go.