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  1. I was confused at first with the bleed arrangement. but I think it is right. In the case of labels In the print profile for N-up you just specify top and left offset as the true value from the the label template, then you subtract twice the value of bleed from the gaps between the labels. In the case of creating bleed area by enlarging the label physical dimension by a value of the bleed your top left corner is 0,0 offset then you have to subtract the bleed offset from top and left by the value of the bleed in your print profile to get the same resulting positioning. I think using the bleed in AP is the right way to do it. I did not try the case with bleed reaching over the set printable area or set margins, but i think in may get trimmed at the margin. -pp-
  2. N-up print Bleed does not account for top and left edges of the document. attached are 2 files with 45 by 25 mm lablel with 5 mm bleed. one is cteated as an 5mm oversized label and the other is normal size with 5mm bleed set in AFPUB. I have printed them to pdf with n-up print so you can compare difference. I attached as well print profiles for printing. -pp- p.s. It all boils down to math. When you set up the bleed . top left corner of the bleed area is negative value of the bleed e.g. If you bleed is 3mm top left corner of the bleed area will be -3mm, -3mm. Oversize_Label_Bleed.pdf APUB_Bleed.pdf 5mm_Bleed_Test_2.profile 5mm_Bleed_Test_1.profile Oversize_Label_Bleed.afpub APUB_Bleed.afpub
  3. petrpastor

    Data merge

    Data merge need to be definitely on the top of priorities now when the basic Idea of affinity range hes been built to finalized state. As well full screen print preview will be necessary for it to be easy to work with. Please push the external data (data merge) on the very top of the developers stack. -pp-
  4. petrpastor

    Data merge

    Hi all. It has been a half a year since the very important feature to have variable feeld fed from external data source (also called mail merge) has been requested by huge amount of users. I appreciate hard work of Serif team on continuous improvement and bug fixes of affinity range. I would like to ask if the data merge is going to be implemented in the next beta version after 249. My personal oppinion is that this feature is way more important that grep search function. Thanks -pp-
  5. petrpastor

    offensive splash screen

    Personally I do not care. But you can leave the glasses and filter-out the man if you insist .
  6. same issue here crash with memory violation on my windows 7. Had to revert to Did not try it yet on my home windows 10. Will do later this evening. -p-
  7. yes the vew on screen is fuzzy indeed on the screen. It is more obvious on my work screen with resolution 2560 x 1440 but on the laptop scren 1366 x 768 it is noticable as well. -pp-
  8. Hi all, I have just tried N-up test print some labels. print comes out positioned 0,0 no mater what value is set. It is firs obvious from preview on print when preview layout does not move when you changing left or top offset values. -pp
  9. Save print profile now works fine Thanks. Still the offset value from left and top on N-up print is from printers printable margin rather then from media (paper) edge.
  10. AS a workaround I substract the printers' margin from the left and top offset you can put expression inside the left and top offset in the above case Left 10-4.2 top 9-4.2 then you get expected printout. You can find your printer margin from new file dialogue setting tick include margin (temporarily) and press retrieve margins from the printer.:
  11. Can Serif give us a few hints about roadmap for future (beta or release) versions? Approximate time scales between fixing most of the reported bugs to the release of following beta etc. -pp-
  12. I do not do much of a scanning of the pictures. I do not see scan feature in affinity as realy necessary, just as a nice decoration. I think more important features and bug fixes shoul have a priority. To be honest most of the scanning I do are the documents passed trough OCR .
  13. I think the scanning capability should be incorporated into the windows affinity range regardless current sorry stater with 64bit Twain drivers support on windows. Thay may be some woraround like Twain64 to 32 bridge or siruation may improve with 64 bit drivers. Just to have the scan possibility into windows affinity range will be nice.
  14. Hi all, I have tried to save N-up print setting into a print profile for later reuse. Manually imputed setting looks like this: After saving to a profile or loading saved profile it ends up like this: Also when I load saved profile and select N-up print the fields for offset / number of copies etc. is missing. see below:
  15. Hi, I have just tried N-up print for PAT labels It seems that the left and top margins are being taken from printer defined printable area rather than from paper edges. setting: actual print: Printer margins are 4.2mm, so istead of printing 10mm from left and 9mm from top of the paper it prins 10+4.2=14.2 mm from left e.g. 10 from left print margin and 13.2 (9+4.2) from top