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  1. Right! I did that... just forgot. I'll try the menu command option tonight and see if it works! Thanks
  2. Thanks... but this was not to "select" the layer but to double click on the layer icon to use it as a "Selection" (i.e. the marching ants). In the video the instructor double clicked on the icon and the macro recorded the action (using it as a "selection").
  3. I was watching a video course on Lynda.com (Advanced Affinity Photo for Desktop) and the video for creating your own macros. The video shows recording a macro where the first step is to create a selection from a layer. When I try that, I get Macro Recorder - Cannot record "Selection From Layer". Am I missing some setting that I need to change to allow this or is it not available on the Windows version? The course appears to be recorded on a Mac version of Affinity.
  4. The link for "Dual Perspective Correction" is broken. Great tutorials!!!
  5. I was having same issue... then found that if I changed to bottom opacity the one above reflected the change. So they seem to be tied together but not reacting in tandem.