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  1. Ok... I reset the Develop Assistant: Raw Output format to RGB 16 bit. I probably left it on 32 bit HDR when doing some HDR processing. Lately I've been doing raw convert to a 16 bit tif file (not with Affinity) and then use AP for processing. That should be 16 bit... correct?
  2. @Gabe That has been my default... Just going for max resolution & colors. I'll try 16 bit for this workflow since I'm doing a more artsy look in the end. Will see if I get to print if it loses something using 16 bit. Thanks
  3. That was it! The beta version was using the System DPI setting and the released version was using Application. Attached screen shots of both released and beta versions of DPI and then updated the beta version. Much better! Interesting that the beta defaulted to using system on install. Thanks!
  4. Got it. Files uploaded. Also included the raw file (NEF) if you want to follow the steps from that point.
  5. I'm attaching several afphoto files that have "history" turned on so you can see the steps used in the Photo persona. Two where the problem didn't occur and one (_1985273.DidRotate.afphoto) where it did occur. The only difference is that I used one of the corner crop handles to rotate the crop and straighten the top of the fence. The _1985273.1stTime.afphoto file is the final result I was going for just as reference. The remainder of my time was spent just trying to reproduce the edge detection issue. Prior RAW develop: +3 Ev, +15% brightness, -55% highlights I couldn't send the raw file as it was over the upload limit. _1985273.1stTime.afphoto _1985273.DidRotate.afphoto _1985273.NoRotate.afphoto
  6. Hey @TEcHNOpls There was a difference in which graphics processor was being used (see Capture3 on this post). The Beta was using the built in Intel HD Graphics. I switched it to the NVIDIA card so they were both using the same processor and restarted the Beta version James... I was running both 1.7.3 and the beta on the same laptop. That was one screen capture of both programs opening the same file. For Capture2 (attached), I set both windows to the same size and used Ctrl 0 to set the picture centered. So it is interesting that the percentage zoom is different for each... and the font is still a bit fuzzy for the beta version. So... same monitor on HP Spectra Laptop, Intel i7-7500 with 16 GB RAM + NVIDIA GeForce 940MX.
  7. Check out this same file opened in 1.7.3 vs latest beta. Especially note the artifacts around the face. Beta on right.
  8. After using edge detection a few times... it eventually fails with some bizzare results. See attached photo. It worked previously but to get it to work again, I had to restart Affinity and re-process the photo. (AP
  9. Any lens profile for the "Tamron 18-400mm F3.5-6.3 Di II VC HLD"? This has been my walk-around lens for the last year and would appreciate any update supporting this lens. (didn't fine it when adding the slr-tamron.xml file to the lens profile directory from lensfun) Thanks
  10. Can Affinity Photo use the Photomatix Pro LR plugin? https://www.hdrsoft.com/support/faq_lrplugin.html#install_location I added the directory to the list of plugins and after restart couldn't find what changed.
  11. Since I noticed that when DxO installed the Nik plugins, it un-installed the Google version. So could I re-install Google Nik and add just the HDR Efex plugin from Google Nik? I tried pointing to that directory only (with DxO already installed) but it didn't do anything.
  12. Just downloaded latest Nik Collection 2.0 and running Affinity Photo but only HDR Efex Pro 2 is enabled in the menu and files doesn't transfer. Running Windows 10 64 bit Any updates on the Affinity side? I sent support ticket to DxO. Thanks
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