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    Coding: Javascript, Python and more; Graphism, Design, Motion Design, Digital Painting, UI, UX.

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  1. Laureline

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    Ohayo , I'm Laureline, currently a baby web/ mobile ( if needed ) developer ( back-end, front-end ). Want to empower this new passion ( being a developer ) with my graphical skills and previous passions: digital and traditional drawing and got me to get interested to UI, UX, WebDesign, Motion Design and much more. Mainly used Photoshop, Flash ( freshly named Animate ), InDesign and Illustrator. ' Was pretty curious about the capacities of Affinity then decided to by all thee 'suite' (Designer, Publisher, Photo) in order to complete a little bit more my skills, learn about design, web design, ui, ux etc. I do love to learn but I wish I could clone myself to learn plenty of things then merge to gather all knowledge! 27 yo, living in Paris, love English language ( maybe I'll finally go back to UK or OZ or Ireland with the work, who knows )
  2. Hello back Tomaso yes for sure I was not planed to use any migration assist app or even iCloud to restore data: the only data I would need is the files. For the customisation: can't remember, but mainly shortcut as I spend that much time on photoshop. But fair enough if I understand it should not come from the customisations
  3. Well boys Thanks a lot for all your assistant and also the Affinity team for support and following my issue. I decided to reset my Mac to factory, have to admit that I can't wait to use it in its entirety and don't have that much time and need to work with Just before this period I was customising the command on affinity, I really hope this is not the thing that crashes the app ( I'm afraid of breaking it again XD ) .
  4. CleanMyMac is there from yesterday, no longer so I'm pretty sure it did not break the main user : ). Then a log from the console has already been sent to Affinity. Nope it didn't change a thing
  5. About clean my mac I just installed it and disabled it at my mac' launching process it was just because I was trying to find out what were the login items launched at the mac starting process
  6. 1. Designer launches then stop ... 2. the second screenshot is to let you guys know than from few second to others Designer disappears and it's not see as a task running 3. ICloud : to store some files: but actually I was wondering what "bird" was . Then I don't know "mdworker" and "mds": what are those ? 4. Sure thing 5. I'll check 6. It did run bun I meant it didn't solved anything after launching designer 7. I don't feel like I am having mac issues so far, no
  7. - First it launches then it seems to disappears - the only slow opening app I had was the troubles I had with Affinity Suite ( but was handle last time except for Designer ) otherwise past experience was with heavy soft such as photoshop, animate; during the dan were not rotating, then it did for a sec and then came back to normal ( Affinity still launching and still has no splash, no panel, etc ) - no time machine activated - it does display the workspace with the splashscreen however : kept on having a spinning loader as cursor - I did not tried this command
  8. 19 but event disabled it is still not working: was the first approach I did
  9. Still not working properly
  10. Already did that yesterday or before yesterday , I'll do it a second time and let you know
  11. Thanks Unfortunatly on the login items I'm not any list ( attachment ) Do you have any idea of where I can find the listing to maybe try toggle them and keep testing affinity Designer ?
  12. Docker is not running neither from the original one and neither to the new one
  13. @stokerg I admit that I thought about making a user but yesterday didn't had the opportunity to explore that case and I also thought that with those applications shared ... and all setup I should get the same issue we had ... but no, so I'm trying to figure out what is the difference between those two profiles that could block the one on the main user...
  14. Looks fine so far: did configure a new user with sharing files did download from trial version I had on my affinity profile ( I took the first designer logo and thought it was the released one ) the file did download : I double tap on it to open the dmg file it did ask for authentification ( never had that the past times I tried to reinstall it ) applied code It did ask to replace the old application within applications folder ( at this point I realised my applications too were shared ), which I cancel I search for it (command + space) double taped to open and it opened within 1-3 sec with all ( pannel, menues, splashscreen everything ) I then regularly quit the app ( not forcing it ) and open it and stop it two other times: no problems found Switched back to my regular admin user profile , launched the app ... and it still trying to open from the moment I found that thread to write you a reply and probably for more minutes

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