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  1. Hello, Question somehow related - is it possible to swap licences bought on Windows to Mac OS?
  2. Hello, As shown on the picture I have a problem with arrowheads overlapping the lines. Workaround is to expand the stroke and sum it but later I cannot change it anymore ... Could you fix that? Best regards, Witek.
  3. Hello, I have exact same problem with my newly purchased Publisher: Could you please help us with that? edit: After re-downloading the package I'm able to install it normally /Witek
  4. Man! It will be awesome, looking forward for this! I love Affinity Designer, thinking about buying Photo too, but Publisher is a must!
  5. Alfred that worked perfectly! Thanks!!!
  6. Hi thanks for the reply. I don't know if I got what you wrote. After I convert "D" to curves I have the following: And after I break curve I have: Indeed there are two new layers but giving them no fill isn't what I want because I need to have a fill, different for two slices I want to create. Something like this:
  7. Hi I managed to attach the image before - could anybody help me?
  8. Hi all, Unfortunately this way doesn't work for me :(. I would like to cut into 2 parts following curvature: But when I do break curve action I get strange output: 1. Brake curve on "1" 2. Brake curve on "2" 3. This strange line ... How to do this properly? edit: copy-paste image doesn't work, I can see the image but after submitting the answer there is no image