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  1. Actually if a file is saved as a psd within Affinity Photo the layers are preserved and when opened in Photoshop the similar layers are there and can be edited. I have just done that with a curves layer and a black and white layer. Exported and saved image as a psd, reopened in Photoshop and the two layers were there and could be further edited. So it would be handy to have a "Save as" for multiple file formats which would be a smoother way of working.
  2. beauv1

    Smart Objects timeline

    I agree with the smart objects issue. Need to be able to open images as smart objects from camera raw within Affinity Photo (whether they be psd files or raw files developed by Affinity camera raw - thus be able to go back at any time in the future (today or next year and alter our camera raw settings as well as all other settings covered by camera raw. i.e. blur, noise removal etc.
  3. Definitely need this, never been able to do straight lines freehand (also need a better pen tool to enable us to create multiple paths before turning them into selections among other things.) Nearly 20 years of Photoshop gets you used to working in a specific way (smile)

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