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  1. fyi - i reinstalled my graphics drivers (radeon 5500) and it seems to have come back to live related? not sure.
  2. Thanks DWright tried that, no cigar. it recreated it then didn't open. i think this must be a windows issue with other software, thanks anyways. hopefully will work with the next update
  3. does anyone know how to look deeper into this? going through event viewer - but don't really know where to look im sick of having to use illustrator
  4. no worries thx MEB. sorry but i see nothing. tried from the windows app draw and the app explorer. holding down CRTL etc. Nothing. I get a spinning thing next to the cursor for a few seconds then nothing happens
  5. i tried CTRL with double click and i tried CTRL + ENTER is that correct? I dont see anything come up. maybe another application is screwing with it?
  6. Hi, Although Photo opens, Designer doesn't. I tried deleting it and re-installing it. I tried repairing it. I tried opening it as administrator. I tried deleting the cached app data Any ideas?
  7. Hi - love affinity softeware :) i realise that the smart object issue is a biggy and lots of work is needed Was about to commit to your software when i realised it was rasterizing all the smart objects. Its the only thing that is really stopping me from using it Is importing photoshop smart objects going to be a 2018 thing? Can you give any time frame?
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