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    Tyves reacted to IO3D in more software planned?   
    We need it...fast!
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    Tyves reacted to pixellarry in more software planned?   
    So I know that software development takes a lot of time, work and money. At the moment I am just throwing away money every month to Adobe just to use After Effects which is broken/unusable in every other release but it's also the software I use in my stack 50% of the time. I love designer and never use illustrator anymore so if someone were to make a after effects alternative (fusion, vegas, nuke and natron do not have the tools to animate shapes and vectors well) I could ditch Adobe forever. 
    So please consider a after effects alternative. I would gladly put money into a kickstarter or something like that to support a company like Affinity in that kind of development.
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    Tyves got a reaction from IO3D in more software planned?   
    hello dear guys...
    just a short one... is there probably planned to release more software one day?
    I'd SO looking forward to get kind a "after effects" pendant....
    I know you'd rock that part too
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    Tyves reacted to Callum in more software planned?   
    Hi Tyves,
    Welcome to the forums
    We do plan on creating more software at the moment we are currently developing a desktop publishing application Affinity Publisher and Affinity Designer for iPad  We don't have any immediate plans for an app similar to After Effects but that doesn't mean it can't happen.

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