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  1. Hey guys... do you know already the „bug“ when you are drawing with the pentool that AP is crashing constantly? i‘m getting already a Bit paranoid about that and saving after max. 10 ankerpoints... even more i feel it’s crashing when i zoomed heavily in... don’t know if i only feel so or if it’s really like that... but i‘ve to mask a lot of things and it’s not a nice way of working like that... would be cool if you could check that... Tanks a lot an have a nice day.... *waves*
  2. Tyves

    Pentool causes crashes

    Mmmmh.... ok, sounds indeed like that... cant confirm the 40 points theory because i usually don’t count the clicks but could be... thanks for Taking care...
  3. I‘d love to see the brush size of the brush while i change it‘s size... for now i‘ve to close the slider panel first to check the size i chose just to open it again to resize it once more until i have the wished size then finally... so i‘d like to see it like in PS... yay... thats it for now... thanks for Reading me... cheerio...
  4. Tyves

    Brush size

    Thanks and yes could be, but as a newbie it should also work the old fashioned way, no?...
  5. hello dear guys... just a short one... is there probably planned to release more software one day? I'd SO looking forward to get kind a "after effects" pendant.... I know you'd rock that part too
  6. yay... but you were right in another case anyway.... really didnt know that I have to rasterize the imported photo first before I can delete selections there... so thanks a lot...
  7. hi there... what do I wrong here... have a multilayer file here... lets say 2 layers with any photo and one layer with just a form (Pixels) now I create a selection of the form by clicking "STRG+click" on the form layer... the selection is created... then I click on the wished layer to remove the selected parts from the photolayer by delete... but instead of the selected parts of the photolayer the complete photo got deleted... did it 10000 times in photoshop but here it shouldnt work?... cant imagine... so here I am asking u guys :o) thanks a lot for your help... ;o)
  8. that would be too easy no, the selection I have ist much more complicated therefore I Need to selcte it by clicking "STRG+click" on it... your solution would be indeed no Problem... but thanks anyway
  9. Tyves

    How to export to HTML

    Many thanks will try to get sth done.
  10. Tyves

    How to export to HTML

    Well, that’s a big pity. I always built my pages in photoshop and gave them out as html. Links etc I did the finally in editor/notepad... it were just simply infopages without deeper structure or sth... so at the end I have to slice my page in AP and give every single pic out then? or is there any tutorial what explains it a bit... thanks a lot...
  11. Tyves

    How to export to HTML

    Hello there serif guys. I‘m new to affinity photo bought all 3 versions (win/Mac/iPad) and i‘m very interested in that feature and since your post here is almost 2 years old i‘d like to know if there’s any way in the latest version of AP... thanks a lot... and keep it going...

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