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  1. Hallo Paolo, I tried several times to purchase with paypal and with credit card. No success. I went in via the website and via your discount link (thank you). I would really like to buy Kraken AND the Essential brushes kits. May I please have 20% off for both and can you please fix the paying problem ?
  2. jackperdue I just wrote to the folk at Retro Supply to ask them to make any / all their products AD-compatible. OK, so Retro Supply DID reply and there's a related Vimeo link below. Their answer is roughly this : Photoshop brushes in the .abr format will work in Affinity Photo. Use the Vimeo link below to see how. They also say that THIS brush set IS compatible with AD : https://www.retrosupply.co/collections/textures/products/retroeffects-classic-collection-bundle
  3. Wosven : Thank you. Very nice styles. Also ... It goes without saying that any techie that cracks the conversion between all / any AI add-ons / tools / asset/ brushes etc and AD, will be a hero AND get a little money for their trouble. :-)
  4. Hi Alfred, all .TTF fonts are 'true type fonts' ? These are the only sort of Japanese and Indic fonts installed on my iMac. They look perfect in e.g. Word, but AD does NOT show them correctly. Quite small errors, but serious enough to make the text un-usable. Therefore, this is NOT a ttf issue. It's something in AD. I work with non-Roman fonts a lot, so fixes in this area would be VERY helpful. Thank you.
  5. I can't see the "Tab at the top that said "Apply". Help please !
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