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  1. Hey RS, thanks for support the Affinity Designer community. I just picked up the Grave Etcher brushes — my way of supporting your work and the Affinity Designer platform. Oh, yea, and two others. Thanks ~ Jack
  2. Hey, no, I didn't really find an answer. Only that some of the brushes Retro Supply sells will work with Affinity Designer and some will not. I contacted Retro Supply about my interest in these brushes and if they plan to create an option for AD. Said, no! I actually had purchased their retro etch / engraving brushes and discovered they would not work with AD they gladly refunded my purchase.
  3. pmannaro thanks for the response. I have the retroeffects-classic-collection-bundle already and love it. Use it all the time. That is what got me interested in some of their other products. And that was where I ran into the snag. The Importing brushes video was a nice lesson, too.
  4. I do not have Illustrator but would gladly purchase the brushes available at Retro Supply if I could use them in Affinity Designer. I like a lot of the tools available at Retro Supply. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated. I have not had formal training in design but love it and learning as fast as I can.
  5. Greetings, I love the tools offered at Retro Supply (brushes) but unfortunately, most are tooled as Adobe Illustrator only. So I have a few questions for the collective brain. Do you know of a way to convert AI brushes to work in Affinity Designer Do you know of a source that has retro etch / engraving brushes such as the one attached Thank you ~ Jack
  6. Thanks for the quick reply. I will test some of these apps and techniques. But most importantly, now I know what can be done and what cannot. Thank you ~ Jack
  7. Excellent, thanks! But what if the bird is a transparent .png? Extra steps are required? I can subtract the bird, but the entire file shape (rectangle) is subtracted and not just the bird shape. ~jp
  8. Greetings... I'm an Affinity Designer novice and at this point have more ideas than skills. I'm certain this is an easy action but I cannot find the right methodology. I want to create a shape (e.g. red circle) and place a graphic file (e.g. Black bird) over it, then punch a hole in the shape to create negative space in the shape. The result is a bird shaped hole in the red circle. Any assistance is greatly appreciated. Thank you ~ Jack
  9. I just discovered this tutorial at tutsplus. Somehow I was able to view the Power Duplication video, but the package is no longer free. Anyone know how to access these excellent tutorials otherwise? Thank you ~ Jack
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