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  1. Hello @stokerg, thanks for clarification! I would be really glad if you'd move this as a feature request!
  2. Hey! Lastly, I've got some photos from a showcase that I did, and they are quite dark due to the environment and some other factors. As my 5D II isn't the best at 6400+ ISO and I were shooting at f/2.8 lens, they've got quite noised. In older version I usually managed to deal with these either by live denoise filter, or Nik software's denoiser. Lastly I have also removed the old Nik software collection as I were using it less and less thanks to LUTs and other techniques. Now retouching these photos, at stage of denoising, I did a live filter as always and found out, that it doesn't denoise skin so good as well as some other areas. But it did a perfect job on a background. So I checked out the Denoise from the menu Filters -> Noise -> Denoise... Got shocked as after a lot of fine-tuning, it did a good job with the skin etc, but was moderate with background, so I needed to combine both of the Live Filter, and the menu-filter Denoise. The conclusion is: is there any option to have the behaviour of filters-menu Denoise, as some kind of Live filter that I can finetune if one day I come back and say would like to change the values, and if not, I'd suggest to add the menu-filters behaviour as a separate Live filter, or as a switch in the Denoise Live Filter, so you can edit it in any time. If you need an example, let me know and I hope this give some feedback! Have a nice day, and keep creating!
  3. Cristophorus

    Adjustments/Live Filter causing freeze/hanging

    @Ron P. Yeah, checked that out like the next day out, and forgot to write - thanks for mentioning! @Chris B Great, thanks for confirming . Hope you find a solution very soon!
  4. Hey all, I tried to search for it, but didn't found any topic, so gonna make a new one - hope it's not a dupe. So, this is since 3-4 versions I believe, maybe more, but basically if you have 2 files open, go to first one, make a new live filter (in my case it's usually the Bilateral Blur, but I believe I've got it on some defringe or others too) and with the dialog box open you move to the second file, you will get a hanged application. It's still there, not crashing totally, but you can't do anything - you can't make it work again - just need to close it with task manager, and hope for a backup. So to conclude steps to reproduce: open 2 images, make a live filter on the first, and with the dialog box open move to the second image. If you need any logs or images/short video - let me know!
  5. Hey guys, I'm a new on forum, and have been actually using Affinity products as replacement to Adobe ones. I'm a long-time (from 7th version) user of Photoshop mainly, and I absolutely love your products - they are better in many ways, and apart from most people coming from Photoshop - I like personas. They do organize work in great way. But I find there is one missing feature that would be nice for retouching, and it's actually in Adobe's product. I'm talking about face-aware liquify, which gives a great option to manipulate face in easy and practical way. Of course I'd do that manually etc, but some of the modifications are just more precise with this tool and it's also just more friendly, and less time-consuming. I'd like to see it in future versions of Affinity . I think it'll help many beauty/portrait photographers/retouchers. For those not knowing what I'm talking about, there's short movie about the feature: