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  1. you may want to have a look at iMatch (single user) or Daminion (either single or multiuser) to name just two well-known DAMs. https://www.capterra.com/digital-asset-management-software/ I am stuck with Lightroom which I do not hesitate to use but hate the idea to have pay for it untill I die) and am looking for the affinity´s DAM even though I believe it will not come out this year. BTW, Lightroom is a pretty simple DAM (*) excelling in easy of use AND in it´s integration with it´s own development module. Many other DAMs have more powerfull functionality comparing to Lightroom´s catalogue but lack any development module and sometimes even good enough integration with either CC or AP. Based on your needs, either the Lightroom or the "pure-DAM" approach may be better for you. * speaking for me: no scripting; rather limited file types (not even PSB!); extremly slow when performing 2 or more concurent tasks; no catalogue sync between 2 computers; no accidental delete protection, ... Go tell us what you have opted for (once done with it), I am curious regards Juraj