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  1. When using the Navigator view while zoomed in on an image, I find myself constantly reaching for the zoom boundary box to drag it around the Navigator--seems like a natural and intuitive thing to do--except that the box doesn't drag. I have to fall back to a two-fingered drag on the canvas itself, which sometimes affects my zoom level. I know it's not entirely precise, but being able to drag the zoom box in Navigator would be a great addition to the experience,
  2. dkallan

    Presets Studio thumbnails upside down

    iPhone 7 photo. JPEG. It displays properly in the main window, properly in Filters, properly in the Navigator. The only place it does not display properly is in the Tone Mapping > Presets Studio. So I don't understand how the issue could be just with my metadata when it displays properly everywhere else: maybe Tone Mapping > Presets Studio is the only place in the app that doesn't consider metadata?
  3. In the Presets Studio, the preview thumbnails show upside down.
  4. Any chance of getting an "Original Image" at the top of the history list? The slider is a bit finicky, and it would be nice to have a clickable initial stage at the top of the list....