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  1. @skalnik Opravdu je důvod nezaplatit za sw absence češtiny v uživatelském rozhraní? Podle anglického postu nebudete mít problém si základní pojmy přeložit. Chápal bych, kdybyste byl uživatel publisher, který neumí dobře české dělení slov.
  2. Thanky you for advice, I have already installed hyph_cs_CZ.dic but it works incorectly. I will try to search more dictionaries...
  3. Hello SirPL, thank you for reply to my previous post. I did what you recommended and it looks like the problem with "non breaking space" is related to the czech hyphenation dictionary. If I switch Language to "English", "non breaking space" works correctly. But, If I want to replace Adobe InDesign by Affinity Publisher the problem with Czech language have to be solved. Unfortunately Czech Rep. is probably too small market for Serif company to incorporate czech language into Publisher software as a standard...;)
  4. Non Breaking Space funcition works incorrect. The letter "s" should be attached (with space) to the next line word... Not divided by dash.
  5. I love this sw and yours courage and effort to create a alternative to adobe. I have a few comments: 1) I miss visible bleeds marks in pdf (press ready, PDF/X...) 2) I miss a complete document check before export like in indesign... a lot