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  1. I guess you're using the Sync function when editing the pile of pictures in Lightroom. Point is that LR uses totally different approach than AP. For me the AP is more like Adobe Photoshop which, by the way, also does not have any catalogue. You can say that they have a bridge or the LR itself but these are separate SW and they keep you paying for each SW separately. It would be nice to have catalogue connected with AP but I must insist on sepatate application. I believe that this strategy in Photoshop is not only the economic one. For me if there would be an option to use macro together with batch processing, i'll be fine.But please take my opinion with considering that I'm hobby-photohrapher with limited experiences. Have a great day☺
  2. @Hofnaar: I get your point. I haven't tried that yet but I've seen the macro option in AP. I guess there will be a way to "record a macro" which can be used for other photos. I've also seen a lot of requests for batch processing which in combination with macro can do exactly what you need. Actually I'm not sure if catalog would help you in any way for your particular need. Hopefully I did not understand your point incorrectly.
  3. Hi, my opinion is not to have a catalogue. There is quite some (FREE) software that can help you. I would keep the SERIF guys to really focus on enhancing and enabling new features in AP. BTW: there is still Lightroom 6 that you can buy and have it forever. I know there are some features in Lightroom CC which are not available in Lightroom 6 but that's why I bought AP :)
  4. Hello Patrick, thank you for your response. I would appreciate if you consider also Czech language as one of them if the plans change. Best regards, Jakub
  5. Hello, I would like to ask if it is foreseen to translate the Affinity Photo to other languages. I'm especially interested in Czech language. I have no trouble in using English at all but there are older generations of photographers that would love to have the Affinity translated. If there is no plan to do that, is there a simple way for me how can I do that? Thank you for your answer in advance. Jakub
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