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    scoda reacted to peter in Quick and cheerful photo repairs   
    1st repair, I can understand.
    2nd repair, truly magical. Very talented.
    3rd repaint, must be dark arts. :P How did you do that?
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    scoda reacted to Lee D in Quick and cheerful photo repairs   
    Nice quick repairs  :)
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    scoda reacted to JLARM in First Photo in Affinity Photo release   
    This is my first photo from the new release of Affinity Photo.
    For those who might be interested, the photo is from a RAW file opened in AP, slightly adjusted and then developed.
    The image was then exported out of AP in 3x which resulted in a 219 MB PNG file with the image at approx 48 x 36 inches with a resolution of 288 ppi.
    I then squished it down to upload to the forum.  The image is a macro photo of a small agate stone that has been cut and polished.
    Affinity Photo handled the whole thing like a trooper.  No hesitation, no slowness, no fuss, no bother.  I really like this program. 
    Since I have zero experience or talent in this area, I am really pleased at the result.  Thank you guys at Serif.  Nice job !

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    scoda reacted to peter in Testing Affinity magic   
    There are some people here, who would spend their hours colouring this in, with their kids.
    Now that colouring-in-books for adults are hitting the shelves. I think know that you are onto something here. Print it out and see how parents and kids react. This could be the start of something really special.
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    scoda reacted to bodobe in Portrait   
    Portrait (vector illustration), using some self made brushes in AD (hair).

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    scoda reacted to 00Ghz in Divergent Worlds   
    Hey guys,
    Made in Blender with Cycles Render.
    Retouching in AP RC

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    scoda got a reaction from Arctic Gorilla in Jeep Before and After - Affinity Photo   
    Taken today in Abu Dhabi...


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    scoda reacted to will1960 in Recent work by AD   
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    scoda reacted to ronniemcbride in (WIP- Affinity Photo) The Unlikely Travelers   
    So, Diving into some Affinity Photo. I had a Couple of hiccups, but I am enjoying Affinity Photo so far. Still working this one out, but I am at a stopping point, so I figure I would share what I have so far. Stock Photograph  model credit to Fae : http://faestock.deviantart.com/

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    scoda reacted to penwiper in orchid and stag beetle   
    So I worked on this orchid tonight for about 3 hours and I am extremely happy with how it turned out!  :-)  I might put some bitmap texture in the light area of the background, but I'm sitting on that for now until I am sure. 
    As for my other image, that was last night's practice with Affinity and I am not as sure about it.  I love the shape of the beetle, but I'm not sure about the portrait on its back anymore.  I am relatively happy with the background, but again, I'm still thinking about that one!
    So, if you have comments or suggestions please let me know. 

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    scoda got a reaction from MattP in Mustang GT Drag Racing RAW NEF Import   
    Ok so i imported a RAW photo with lots of noise from my Nikon D3300.
    Touched up the White balance, Highlights and Shadows.
    Applied some extreme DeNoise
    Then Applied Sharpening
    Developing took a couple of minutes and seemed to hang my 2011 MBP with the colour wheel. Bearing in mind i have 16Gb of RAM and i'm running on a Kingston SSD drive. The photo however was stored on an external thunderbolt drive.
    Everything else was very fluid and responsive.
    Uncompressed the resulting JPEG was 22meg, at 90% the resulting JPEG is just over 3meg.
    Both images have been cropped from the original due to it's rather large dimensions  :unsure:

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    scoda reacted to paolo.limoncelli in Our illustrator left us alone...   
    So I had to deal with the urgency of this double character design for an e-learning game.
    I used AD to refine the blue pencil sketch.

    Traced and refined shapes

    And now I'm searching for values that work 

    Soon full colour version!
    Much faster than in AI days...
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    scoda got a reaction from MattP in Introduce Yourself   
    Hi I'm David from Liverpool, UK.
    Currently living and working in Abu Dhabi, in the field of security.
    I don't have anything to do with Graphic Design, i'm not a particularly artistic person....i have my moments.
    But i do like testing my creative abilities in my spare time and i'm a keen photographer (when i get the chance).
    Anyway "Hello" and i'm just here for the fun (and cake, someone said there was cake!.....Wheres the cake!)  :D
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