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  1. The problem remain for tiff export with the last update 1.4.3. It is Ok with 8 bits but white or black with 16 bits. Mac OS 10.11.6 Picture 6000x4000 px best
  2. Sorry, but I find it is a little bit to easy to show on OS X. It could be an answer if all the programs would have the same problem. But I have made a try with pixelmator and it works without problems. From Aperture to Pixelmator, make the changes and save. The changed picture is in Aperture and not like by Affinty "not supported format". You have to solve the problem and not to wait to a hypothetical solution with the next OS update. Thanks to make our work possible.
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    Need also IPTC/XMP. Can't understand why it is missing in AP
  4. Sorry but I have still the problem- After develop the noise is back and an export to jpg is also with noise.
  5. wish to have perspective tool for apple photo