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  1. I agree wholly on this, the scribble/zigzag effect is incredibly useful in applying to objects to form embroidery such as this image.
  2. I've noticed a similar issue while trying to create some shapes. I selected the white shade using the color wheel and the shape appeared to have a yellow tint. I checked my color profile/color management settings for anything improper but did not find anything wrong. I provided a screenshot of my issue. https://prnt.sc/qfqsuj If you need a picture of my settings, please let me know in the replies. EDIT: I MANAGED TO FIX THE ISSUE
  3. Greetings everyone! Here I decided to design a bluish-white themed skull mascot logo in Affinity Designer. This is one of my relatively old works, I've improved now.
  4. The 'Embed ICC Profile' and 'sRGB IEC61966-2.1' options were already selected when I viewed the exporting settings, however, they had not been synchronized with creating new documents which you previously mentioned. Thank you! I'm still rather disappointed at Affinity's lack of optimized performance. I used to send several crash reports, now I occasionally run into color management bugs.
  5. Original file document - Electro banner Twitch.afphoto The exported file is png. And there's a distinct difference here apart from the pdf document. It appears this way when I send the exported image elsewhere. My color settings seem correct by default since other images I can export look normal to me.
  6. This wasn't the first time I encountered this issue. When I had exported a png image, the color appeared slightly different from my original document. I'm unsure if this specific issue has to do with the color profile management, or another glitch. I am using the latest version of Affinity Designer / Affinity Photo on windows. I provided some screenshots to elaborate a bit more: Original document - https://prnt.sc/o717it Exported document - https://prnt.sc/o716uh
  7. Appreciate the help. I realized both software's had to be updated, so I repeated the process as you previously mentioned.
  8. Can anyone help? I've waited ages for a response. When I delete Designer, it displays a blank white icon instead of the logo itself. When I reinstall, nothing happens as usual.
  9. Recent Update: I'm still unable to load Designer. (Windows Version). I found a couple things that could be happening after I did some research. The path of my file is stored incorrectly (Highly unlikely since Photo works fine for me) My windows isn't fully updated (Recently, I was asked for a new update) A bug or glitch from the application (Doesn't seem to be the case) Thanks in advance if you find any technical problems you may suspect
  10. I haven't checked since then but I'll notify you later today what happens. I forgot to mention I am using the windows version of Designer. Although I am skeptical that the issue has to do with the application itself.
  11. The other day I tried opening Affinity Designer and unusually, the software didn't respond. To be specific, the startup icon didn't display. No error messages were present at the time nor did anything crash. I wasn't able to investigate the issue as I had no idea what happened. I attempted to open Affinity photo and it loaded successfully so does anyone recognize the issue of mine?
  12. I finally fixed it, thanks for the incredible help and support. When I create a new document or open an embedded file it's back to normal. Just one more question, is it supposed have this color appear when i first open or create a new file?: https://prnt.sc/kug93g Or is that irreverent to my problem I had. Also I don't need more problems associated with Affinity or i'll stop working with it.
  13. In my Colour Management Dialog it shows this: https://prnt.sc/kufx71 But in the advanced option it shows the: System Default (sRGB IEC61966-2.1) https://prnt.sc/kufznq Could I add a color profile somehow?
  14. I tried using that color profile and it doesn't work. https://prnt.sc/kufeiv And I also tried changing the Colour Profile in Document Setup and it displayed what you asked me to change already.. https://prnt.sc/kufga7 Is it possible to just re install the program or update it?
  15. Yes, my new or embedded document is not white like it should be. However I was able to fix this issue temporarily by adding an sRBG until i realized that when i copied or placed an image and pasted it on the clipboard it still showed the yellowish tint color. I added an sRBG to my new file which worked - https://prnt.sc/ku78ea But when I place my downloaded images onto my new file it shows the same color - https://prnt.sc/ku7b1i So all my saved files are affected by this glitch and I am forced to start a new document each time instead of resuming with my embedded work unless there is a different way to resolve this issue. It really hurts!
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