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  1. Hello again, I have done some research into this and found that the problem had to do with ExifTool. I got in touch with its creator and a solution was found, perhaps this thread could help your devs as well: http://u88.n24.queensu.ca/exiftool/forum/index.php/topic,8618.msg45450.html#msg45450 Using the suggested tweaks the special field is now preserved in the file, but AP still adds more metadata which breaks the file for the native applications again. It would be neat if you could perhaps add some special switch that keeps the Exif data completely unchanged for files that originate from this camera.
  2. Excellent, a reply just as I came to check. Uploaded two files, one is straight from the camera, the other has gone through Affinity. Ah, also chucked the DNG in there for good measure. And speaking of 360 imaging - I'm sure it's a preference thing, but to me, inverted scrolling in the Equirectangular live projection is very inconvenient. Would you consider an option to toggle it? And, since we are here - is there a way to have Tab move between fields and not hide interface elements? For someone quite used to a keyboard-centric workflow that also gets a little annoying. Other than that - excellent software - I hope you keep up the good work and come up with more great features (tiny planet projection, how about that?).
  3. So, first of all - Such a neat application, certainly a worthy opponent of Photoshop. I basically bought it for some of the specialty features, like the 360 image editing, but have been enjoying the other benefits, such as a sensible interface, decent filters, RAW developing etc. as well. But I have run into a bug - which is wrecking some of that 360 editing I bought the software for. Problem is - the 360-degree camera I'm using - Mi Sphere - uses the UserComment Exif field to save the gyro data just as a sequence of bytes - which to our eyes looks like gibberish. But good, useful gibberish. Now if I process a RAW file and save it as a JPEG (possibly same happens JPEG to JPEG, haven't had a need to do that) that data is corrupted by, I assume, it being converted into some limited type of string or such - and all the special characters (that correspond to byte data) just become question marks. And then, because of that, other apps that use this data to, for example, straighten the image don't work properly any more. Would be nice to have this fixed.