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  1. Did you look at my screen images? Windows Photoshop and Affinity. I can do the same on my iMac. I have all apps you named no difference!
  2. I get exactly the same image and DPI when creating a 1px image in PhotoShop CS 5.5 and opening it in Affinity Photo. Can you upload a Photoshop image for testing and show how you made it in Photoshop? The one in the first post also opens normal in Affinity Photo.
  3. There is nothing removed only the metadata is changed! Did you read the articles I posted for you? When you shut of "resample" to keep the same pixel dimensions and only change DPI you have what you want. I get images that are 1250 DPI from stock images companies, when they are used for print I just change that. Go to Document > Resize Document > Deactivate Resample > Now change the DPI > Click Resize and the pixel dimension will stay the same and your DPI is changed!
  4. Hi, Don't see the problem disused here! 72dpi and 96dpi are (mis)used in the far past for so called screen resolutions. That made no sense anyway, because PPI and DPI mean nothing on screen all that counts are pixel dimensions. When I create images for the web I don't even look at it. When I import a image from for example Photoshop or Capture One and the images are ment to be used for print I change them in higher DPI anyway. The amount of DPI that it shows in multiple photo editors says nothing! You just have to adjust it to your personal situation. It's only meta data (for print only!) the actual image doesn't change. You can easily resize back or up with "resample" shut of (to keep the same pixel dimensions and only change DPI) or on depending of what you want if that makes you feel better. Regards, David http://www.rideau-info.com/photos/mythdpi.html https://www.photoshopessentials.com/essentials/the-72-ppi-web-resolution-myth/ https://theeagerlearner.com/dots-per-inch-and-all-that-nonsense/
  5. Hi @Wilson Tarbuckles, It's also interesting to read this old article: https://blog.alexdevero.com/html-rapid-prototyping-facts-need-know/#:~:text=and rapid prototyping.-,What is HTML rapid prototyping,to user's problem or need. and https://medium.com/@andreas.johansson.dev/do-you-find-yourself-designing-the-same-screen-over-and-over-html-prototyping-may-help-f87d45787e11 and https://blog.prototypr.io/stop-designing-in-sketch-design-in-the-browser-c102bcdcdbb You can of course make a mock up in Photo or Designer, but I think it makes no sense for web design it simply doubles your work for no particular reason. A very common way of creating websites nowadays is HTML Prototyping . I use Affinity Photo And Designer aside to create the responsive images, logos etc. and do my HTML prototyping in Bootstrap. Have used Sketch too but it's to much extra work. A very good editor for this is https://www.pinegrow.com It spits out: Bootstrap, Tailwind and Foundation or normal HTML websites. You can even export your site to WordPress if needed. It installs a complete Bootstrap or other framework setup in seconds and you can start building your design. It works perfect with Sublime Text, Atom or VS code next to it. SASS is implemented and more. At the end you have your website ready for upload to the server or to show your client how it really is going to look like. Regards, David
  6. Excuse me? I run a web design company and use Affinity products for years. I also happen to have Photo Shop and Illustrator and your tone and the assumptions you make including the way you expose your self on this form makes you look like a 14 years old trying to get some attention in the wrong way! This is a users forum and people try to help in a positive way. Not the way you try to solve your problems. There is Affinity staff watching this forum all the time and when you ask a question (the normal way) they may answer you! affinityreturns@serif.com
  7. That is utterly nonsense! I use Designer on daily bases and create vector based designs that I export as JPG, PNG, TIFF and SVG without a problem, maybe you should use SVG, TIFF or PNG instead of JPEG? It depends of the media you want to use it for. https://blog.hubspot.com/insiders/different-types-of-image-files Or study the documentation before making false assumptions. https://blog.filestack.com/thoughts-and-knowledge/complete-image-file-extension-list/
  8. Hi, I'm on Affinity Mac latest updates Big Sur and Affinity. My refine button disappears during refining. How do I get it back? Regards, David
  9. Maybe change your title from "Richard" to "Replacing sky in Affinity Photo" so others can find your topic in forum search?
  10. No unfortunately that is a specific PhotoShop plugin and doesn't work in Affinity.
  11. Yes with all browsers supporting webp now it's unbelievable that Affinity is not implementing it soon! But I already gave up! And it's very easy to implement! https://developers.google.com/speed/webp/download It's called: "unwillingness"
  12. Hi @grahamm7, Never tried this one, but this seems to work: https://rtlfixer.com/ What software will Right to Left Fixer work with? Right-to-left writing support can now be achieved with many software that don’t support right to left writing. Some of the supported and tested apps are: – Affinity Designer – Affinity Photo – Affinity Publisher – iStudio Publisher – Adobe Photoshop – Adobe Illustrator – Adobe Indesign – Xara Designer – And much more Regards, David
  13. The same here! The bottom and top of the cover is damaged! Taken in account the absurd shipping price of € 11,94 ! From Nottingham to Belgium. A too large box without any filling to protect the book! But the book is beautiful and well made! 😉
  14. @Pšenda, Don't think the OP is here for a Quiz by you! You understand clearly what he asked! Regards, David The app: https://rtlfixer.com/en/about/ This is a discussion about the solutions : Some discussion about the subject going on:
  15. Just purchased the new Publisher Work Book and was surprised to see a shipping price of € 11.49 !? Of course I payed it because I really want the book but wonder why the price is so high?
  16. Hi, Try to purchase some more Affinity stuff and despite the fact that my VAT number is registered in my account the price is including VAT so I don't purchase, because in Europe companies don't pay VAT in countries other then their own residence. Can someone from Affinity staff tell me why this is still not fixed? Regards, David
  17. Hi @nicanorrr. On screen only pixels count! DPI or PPI is for print and does nothing on screen. 1000px X 1000px will be 1000px X 1000px no matter if it's 72dpi or 3000dpi. Regards, David
  18. Hi, Try to work with Affinity Designer latest version on my iMac 2019 i5 6 core 40 gig mem Radion Pro 580 X 8 gig with Big Sur. Only a small logo but it is impossible to click the layers or do any work. Regards, David
  19. Hi, I just exported a SVG with Affinity Designer in Big Sur all latest version and there is a error in the way the <tspan></tspan> is placed in the file. It implicates wrong spaces between fonts! I only noticed it in the website I made it for in a smaller size. You can't see it in a big size. I did the same export with Affinity Designer on Windows 10 and the result is different from the Mac one. The Windows 10 version spits out a file without errors. If someone from Affinity staff is reading this I can provide you the Windows and Mac file. Never had a problem in years with SVG and Designer on Mac! Regards, David
  20. Thanks for your suggestion, but I want to keep the vector design in tact. You are referring to a bitmap?
  21. Hi, I have a PDF from a client with a white background and a logo on it. It's only one flatten layer. When I activate transparency in the document set up from Affinity Designer nothing happens and the white background stays white. Is there some kind of trick to get the transparency working? Regards & Thanks, David
  22. Hi @duch_suva, When using <picture> and <srcset> I would consider using "w" instead of 1x, 2x, 3x etc. Start with the first size you want for example 1000w (=1000px) then click on the additional properties next to your size there you can rename the image and show the size: for example my-image-1000px done by putting "name", "width" and "px" or when the name is already OK you use the "slice name". To prevent you from having to do this for every slice you can copy the slices and only rename the sizes. For example 1000w, 2000w, 3000w etc. When you made a export set up with all slices you can save it as a preset. Then convert the jpg also in webp, optimize the jpg's with for example jpegMini Code example not the same sizes but you get the idea this is for screens of max 2000px so if you want to serve a iMac 5k you have to go till 5000w: <picture> <source media="(min-width: 36em)" srcset="assets/Responsive-Images/nieuws/header-news/header-info-webp/header-info-1000px.webp 1000w, assets/Responsive-Images/nieuws/header-news/header-info-webp/header-info-2000px.webp 2000w, " type="image/webp"> <source media="(max-width: 36em)" srcset="assets/Responsive-Images/nieuws/header-news/header-info-webp/header-info-phone-800px.webp 800w, assets/Responsive-Images/nieuws/header-news/header-info-webp/header-info-phone-1250px.webp 1250w" type="image/webp"> <source media="(min-width: 36em)" srcset="assets/Responsive-Images/nieuws/header-news/header-info-jpg/header-info-1000px.jpg 1000w, assets/Responsive-Images/nieuws/header-news/header-info-jpg/header-info-2000px.jpg 2000w" type="image/jpeg"> <source media="(max-width: 36em)" srcset="assets/Responsive-Images/nieuws/header-news/header-info-jpg/header-info-phone-800px.jpg 800w, assets/Responsive-Images/nieuws/header-news/header-info-jpg/header-info-phone-1250px.jpg 1250w" type="image/jpeg"> <img src="assets/Responsive-Images/nieuws/header-news/header-info-jpg/header-info-2000px.jpg" class="img-fluid"/> </picture> When you use a vector for example a SVG you only have to use one image for every ratio and sometimes you can do it with only one, because there is no quality loss in any size. With images on screen only the larger dimensions in pixels creates better quality images. For example a HD screen needs 1080px x 1920px to produce a good quality full screen image and a 5k iMac needs 5120px x 2880px for the same image to look good. On screen DPI and PPI means nothing! Regards, David Example for a header ratio 4:1 wide devices. Example for a header ratio 4:3 small devices:
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