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  1. How is it possible that you see the new file name then after save as as the project that is currently open? You would expect that the new name is visible in the export persona too! How come that when I load the saved project again the new name in the export persona is changed and present in the slice panel?
  2. * load a jpg * change the name (save as) * go to the export persona * in the export slices panel the old name appears instead of the new one * Only when you open the saved file again and go to the export persona/slices panel the name is changed * This is on Windows 10 and Mac latest OS and latest version of Affinity Photo, but also in previous versions of Photo
  3. Hi @Beck, Are you sure you have set the width of the slices in the export panel by opening them all and put 1080w and Enter in the slice size field of each slice? About posting on Instagram (and other social media), the images should never be optimized, because they take care of that! https://foodphotographyguides.com/sharp-images-instagram/ Regards, David
  4. Did not decompile ddl's it, but have looked at the apps code structure half of it is text files and easy to read and to me it looks like a well organized code structure. But having looked at the code structure and experienced the apps for years I say it's well coded.
  5. No it's a subjective matter! So I always look at it from a positive perspective until the opposite is proven. It totally depends on the skills of the developers and the way the apps are coded. I presume that we deal here with highly skilled developers looking at the superb results from the last 5 years in Photo, Designer and later Publisher. Had a look at the Affinity code and it's well coded too. So it's just a matter of willingness and I don't see any technical obstacles on the road to webp. webp is just a other extension like all the others technically speaking, the difference is that the source code is freely available, including the different appi for multiple platforms, like you can see in my previous posts. And that makes it easier to implement.
  6. Oh now I onderstand what you mean. For plain webp images I use a webp viewer app on my Mac.
  7. The image I showed you is in Big Sur a folder with webp images and a click with my space bar on the image to open the gallery.
  8. Yes it does already 6 months on the Mac. And for the rest we use jpg fallbacks. https://linuxreviews.org/Apple_Devices_Are_Finally_Getting_WebP_Support
  9. This is the project I'm working on right now! Is it complicated? Yes! But easy to work with? Yes! Because I'm a educated developer with more then 10 years experience! That's what I mean with easy to implement!
  10. It's just a very negative point of view on application development, don't see anything special in your list. You could say that about most implementations. But you could also say it would be nice if it's implemented and I'm sure the Affinity devs are capable of doing so! Scroll or tabs or a row beneath is a solution and again I don't see any problem.
  11. Why does everything has to be made complicated without any reason. It's not complicated at all in a couple of day's you can have it implemented. Seen it happen in other apps and don't forget that you can already display webp in Affiniy Photo. All instructions are found on the Google devs pages: Just two examples, want to see more? How do I use libwebp with C#? WebP can be built as a DLL which exports the libwebp API. These functions can then be imported in C#. Build libwebp.dll. This will set WEBP_EXTERN properly to export the API functions. libwebp> nmake /f Makefile.vc CFG=release-dynamic Add libwebp.dll to your project and import the desired functions. Note if you use the simple API you should call WebPFree() to free any buffers returned. [DllImport("libwebp.dll", CallingConvention = CallingConvention.Cdecl)] static extern int WebPEncodeBGRA(IntPtr rgba, int width, int height, int stride, float quality_factor, out IntPtr output); [DllImport("libwebp.dll", CallingConvention = CallingConvention.Cdecl)] static extern int WebPFree(IntPtr p); void Encode() { Bitmap source = new Bitmap("input.png"); BitmapData data = source.LockBits( new Rectangle(0, 0, source.Width, source.Height), ImageLockMode.ReadOnly, PixelFormat.Format32bppArgb); IntPtr webp_data; const int size = WebPEncodeBGRA(data.Scan0, source.Width, source.Height, data.Stride, 80, out webp_data); // ... WebPFree(webp_data); } How do I use the libwebp Java bindings in my Android project? WebP includes support for JNI bindings to the simple encoder and decoder interfaces in the swig/ directory. Building the library in Eclipse: Make sure you have the ADT plugin installed along the with NDK tools and your NDK path is set correctly (Preferences > Android > NDK). Create a new project: File > New > Project > Android Application Project. Clone or unpack libwebp to a folder named jni in the new project. Add swig/libwebp_java_wrap.c to the LOCAL_SRC_FILES list. Right-click on the new project and select Android Tools > Add Native Support ... to include the library in your build. Open the project properties and go to C/C++ Build > Behaviour. Add ENABLE_SHARED=1 to the Build (Incremental build) section to build libwebp as a shared library. Note Setting NDK_TOOLCHAIN_VERSION=4.8 will in general improve 32-bit build performance. Add swig/libwebp.jar to the libs/ project folder. Build your project. This will create libs/<target-arch>/libwebp.so. Use System.loadLibrary("webp") to load the library at runtime. Note that the library can be built manually with ndk-build and the included Android.mk. Some of the steps described above can be reused in that case.
  12. Of course how can I forget! Always look at the negative side!! La La La!!! The libwebp library, which can be used to add WebP encoding or decoding to your programs. https://developers.google.com/speed/webp/download
  13. They are two different things that can both be accomplished without hurting each other! The webp source code is available for free from the Googles dev page and easy to implement in Photo.
  14. Hi @daveconrey Isn't supposed to be your AMD Radeon Pro 5500m activated instead of the Intel UHD Graphics 630? https://www.idownloadblog.com/2016/10/22/automatic-graphics-switching/ It can because auto graphic switching is activated it switches to the wrong card. I'm not saying it is, but I had that a couple of months ago. Despite the fact that it showed the proper card. I had to switch the switching off.
  15. Why do you think all major browsers support webp? Because the users kept on shouting/asking about it and at the end it was implemented. Without any result, so it's wise to keep remembering them that this feature is missing in Affinity!
  16. Nonsense! Everybody is entitled to discus anything when ever they want. I started the topic you are referring to years ago and till now zero result. Who do you think you are? The forum police? The spokesman of Serif? Many thing are requested multiple times, it just proves that there are more people thinking that it's a missed opportunity of Affinity. Webp is not only used in web design, but also in the game development industry and app development. Users of Affinity just have to keep on asking about webp!!!!! Webp is now in all major browsers because the users kept on asking about it!!!!
  17. @NordishBen Don't listen to all that negative input from some user on this form! It's just plain ignorance and negativity. @GarryP Wonder why you spent your energy on something that's important for others and you don't seem to care about. Just don't use it when it is implemented! It's true all common browsers are supporting webp and it's unbelievable that it's still not implemented in the Affinity apps. https://w3techs.com/technologies/details/im-webp#:~:text=WebP is used by 1.6% of all the websites.
  18. Secondly I had a look at your logo and it's the wrong size. It's a error in the design of the website. 250px X 46px is a very wide ratio. Try to create a logo around the ratio 2:1. And change the size in your CSS according to the new size. Create a svg and use transparency. You can edit/crop a slice in the export persona in the proper ratio and export the svg in Affinity Designer. This is how your logo is placed in your website now resulting in a small logo because of the empty space left and right: The best way to create the logo is in Designer using the transparency mode in the document setup. I used your png as a example that has no transparency.
  19. Hi @KGPX1, To start I would take care of the HTML& inline CSS errors on the site HTML VALIDATION your index page In your theme.css I see *: .logo img{max-height:46px;max-width:250px} .logo img[src*='.svg` You can change the size if needed. *You should create/export your logo as SVG (that is recommended anyway for a website). Not like a png as you did on your site. Just svg for export and no particular size of course. SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) have a advantage in case of a simple logo over png and jpg because it uses vectors instead of pixels. Like @firstdefenceis saying your logo is way to complicated for a small logo. I always test my web logo's in Affinity Designer by zooming them smaller and smaller to see if it works or not. Hope this helps! David
  20. Yes of course! I agree!😉 But looking only at the so called "official figures" gives already a enormous amount of webp users. Imagine that your calculation is included even more!
  21. fde101 If it's "only" 1.4% from the 1,197,982,359 websites that seem to be online at the moment it's still a lot!
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