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  1. The latest build is a complete mess, I can't use any of the filters, the entire software freezes, same with nik collection filters. I uninstalled and reinstalled with the same issues, I went to the previous version with no issues. I use W10. Update: Everything works just fine now, I figured out the problem. When I transfer the TIFF file from DXO to Affinity you can not add a layer a PNG. file "PhotoLogo" before doing all your adjustments in Affinity including the nik collection filters, once you are done with your image then you can add a PNG layer to the image without the Affinity software locking up or freezing.
  2. This happened to me with this subject using a ring flash, I almost blew out one of the eyes with the flash bouncing off the eyes back onto the lens and sensor.
  3. It's the Nahimic software, I disabled these two actions "NahimicMSISvc32(32bit) and NahimicMSISvc64 , I did not disable the Nahimic Launcher, Nahimic still works fine, and the Affinity Photo software works fine now. I added a screen shot of after and before ending task. Update: I just rebooted my PC and only ended the task of "NahimicMSISvc64", I left "NahiminMSISvc32(32 bit)" running, and Affinity Photo works fine and the Nahimic software also works fine, it seems to be something with the 64 line that is causing the issues, hope this helps.
  4. There should be no reason to disable other programs to have Affinity photo software work, it's asinine. I run the free nikon software with no issues. Every other program on my computer runs fine, no need to disable anything.
  5. This is what this function does, will try your process. Followed your steps, same issues. It's not the MSI DGS, I also use the Nikon free editing software like Capture NX-D and ViewNX-i with no issues.
  6. The application does not work without the Windows Key enabled, that is how you shut it down, if I uninstall it I will not be able to re-install the same version again.
  7. I disabled the MSI Dragon Gaming Center and re-booted the system with the same issues in Affinity Photo. When I disable the windows key the MSI gaming center does not work after re-booting the system.
  8. It does seems to be a Windows .NET Framework issue, my laptop has dual graphics, an Nvidia GTX 980 and an Intel HD530 graphics, switched to the Intel graphics and I am having the same issues, so it can not be a graphics card driver issue.
  9. Must be those top of the line software engineers they have been hiring at Microsoft lately, they think they can just plug anyone in and the code will flow smooth as butter, cough.
  10. Thanks for the clarification, will get back in touch with Nvidia.
  11. This looks to be an issue with the Affinity photo software, all my other programs work just fine.
  12. Mark Ingram, I got the fix from Nvidia, was shocked how fast they responded and we went over the issues, if anyone else has this issue in the future it can be fixed doing this. Anyone who owns an Nvidia graphics card needs to do this, right click on the home screen and choose Nvidia control panel, then on the left side under 3D Setting choose Manage 3D settings, then on the right side you will have two tabs, "Global Settings" and "Program Settings", choose the Program settings "as you can change the parameters for each individual programs", once you choose Program settings you will see programs installed on your computer, if you don't see the Affinity Photo software just click the tab that says Add, that's what I had to do, then once you are in the Affinity Photo software use these settings bellow. The Affinity Photo software works just fine now without having to use the command prompt. Open NVIDIA Control Panel --> Manage 3D settings. b) Go to Program Settings tab. c) Add the .exe of the application clicking on Add button -> d) Now change the following - change the 'Power Management Mode' to 'Prefer Maximum Performance'. - Threaded optimization – off - Triple buffering – off - Vertical sync – off - Maximum pre rendered frames – 3 Now click on Apply and test the application Note: Make sure you click apply after choosing each setting. I have included some pictures below. Update: Rebooted my PC and the same issues are back, will update. Did a whole graphics card driver un-install and re-install with same issue, only works properly by launching the program via command prompt for now, by the way, what exactly is happening by launching the program via command prompt that makes the software work as intended, not a software developer by any means.
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