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  1. 8 hours ago, thomaso said:

    • Does one of you know if it would be possible this way – or would I need to make Monterey the main ('host'?) macOS, with Mojave in Parallels?
    [macbookpro 11,5 (2015), i7, SSD, 1 APFS container with 3 volumes]

    It's possible but in my i7 SSD Macmini late 2012 the performance is poor, because Mojave as host doesn't give Metal support to the Monterey virtual machine. As stated, I installed a Windows 10 virtual machine and the performance is better.

    8 hours ago, thomaso said:

    • And can you recommend a site for questions like this for newbies with Parallels which might point me to the handling, respectively working speed and possible issues in particular?

    The Parallels site has a lot of useful information, manuals and so on.

  2. On 11/19/2022 at 4:33 PM, bladerunner1948 said:

    I'm running a Mac under Mojave. (late 2015 27" 4GHz core i7 32GB RAM)

    I have Parallels 18 installed with Windows 10 Pro and Catalina set up as virtual machines.

    I downloaded Affinity Photo 2 trials for both Windows and Mac. On the Windows VM AP 2 works very well. No problems found so far. Under Catalina though, it's a different story. I can open files (JPG and Canon CR2 RAW files) but thay are not visible. Nothing is displayed. On the control panel I can see the histogram, metadata, lens info etc but the image itself is not displayed. I used the same files for the Windows test without any problems.

    Anyone running Catalina out there? Any ideas?

    Parallels only gives Metal support in the OS X virtual machine if your host is Big Sur. The only way to have your document visible in Apub is choosing "Software" in Preferences/Performance/Display, but the performance is very poor. I use Apub 2.0 in the Windows virtual machine thanks to the Universal Licence. In the future, with a new Mac...

  3. 12 hours ago, PaoloT said:

    It's very well made. You get up to four processors and eight GB or RAM dedicated to each virtual machine. You can have the virtual machine running inside a separate frame, or let the client's document windows sit next to the ones of the host Mac. You can copy&paste or drag&drop between the two environments. It's really well integrated.



    I completely agree. I'm in Mojave and I have a Windows 10 virtual machine to be able to use the Windows version of Affinity 2.0 apps thanks to the Universal licence. The virtual machine is quick and responsive, much more than the Catalina or Big Sur virtual machines I have also tested with 2.0 apps.

  4. As a Mojave user, the only solution that I have to use Affinity v.2 is to install a Windows 1o virtual machine and to use the Windows versions! I have installed a Big Sur via Parallels, but the Mojave Host doesn't let the Big Sur Guest take benefit from the Metal support.

    Update: it's possible to set Display in Preferences to Software and to get Apub v.2 running (without the black page problem) but it's very slow.

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