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  1. An 2D Animation app would be pretty dope. I do not know if it would make sense though since it seems that there are way fewer motion graphics animators than the standard graphic designers. I do not know if the market for it would be big enough to sustain the dev costs with a 55 buck app (probably). Though, I would not complaint if such a piece of software was for sale by Serif. I really do hate to use Adobe After Effects and tend to stick to Blender and DaVinci Fusion. These are 2 "free" alternatives that can be used for that. On the Professional Site you got the Behemoth that is After Effects. That not only does 2D Motion Graphics but also a ton more.
  2. +1 for this tool to be added. It is such a time saver and it really helps you being more cretive with your paths.
  3. Also Bump~ I own a Surface, but the lack of good software with proper touch support is ... well, guess everyone jumps on the iPad wagon now. They could sell it as addon, or sell the toned down version seperatly for touchdevice users. iPad exclusivity is so annoying...
  4. I liked the old icons. That being said I can understand the new direction. but the new icons lacks soemthing imo. not sure what, I actually like toned down and simple logos. In that case I prefer the old ones though.
  5. I never realized how much I need this tool before.... I wanted to create a Logo just the other day that included many shapes and I couldnt figure out a good way to get to the shape I wanted it to be. Seriously, this is the only drawback AD has compared to AI (at least for my uses). If Serif could integrate an equivalent to AI's Shapebuilder I'd be more than happy.
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